Busy CROs can outsource their specialized marketing needs

A case study on how we successfully helped a niche European CRO with a renewed brand strategy, visual design, verbal vocabulary, complete website, and ongoing marketing operations support

Client Profile

Company Name: Non-disclosed for clients privacy policy

Company type: An established niche European CRO

Company Size: small – midsize

Industry: Clinical Research

Location: Europe

Client Challenge

Our client, a reputable and well-established niche European CRO, needed to rebrand their organization to increase market exposure and recognition, gain a competitive edge, and attract new clients. Without an in-house specialized marketing team, knowing where to start or how to meet their growing marketing and branding demands became challenging.

By choosing to outsource their rebranding and monthly marketing activities, we were able to provide our specialized life science marketing expertise in branding, website design, content coordination, creation, execution, research, and strategy, helping this client to grow and stay aligned.

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By providing strategic and specialized industry-relevant marketing services, acting as an extension of clients’ teams, offering specialized marketing expertise, maintaining brand alignment and consistency, and optimizing websites and social media channels for lead generation, Seuss+ has a significant impact on client’s businesses, helping them achieve their marketing objectives and drive growth.

Seuss+ Approach

Four phases to success

Phase 1 – Brand and Strategy Design 

  • Conducted a comprehensive brand assessment, including the current brand positioning and competitor analysis
  • Brand strategy workshop to discover and define the way forward, including foundational DNA: vision, mission, values
  • Content gap analysis
  • Completely redefined USPs and how to best brand & position the company in their market landscape
  • Design and development of new visual brand style, including corporate branding: logo, typography, color palette, and styling
  • Completely re-aligned verbal vocabulary, including boilerplates, key messaging, tagline, and more. 
  • Created a fresh and modern brand visual identity.
  • Redesigned the organization’s logo, incorporating elements that reflect its values and aspirations.
  • Developed a new color palette, typography, and imagery guidelines to establish a cohesive visual language for the brand.
  • Coordinated and executed a brand photoshoot at the headquarters.
  • Brand guidelines wrapped up in a brand dossier

Phase 2 – Website Design, Development, and Launch 

  • By using the brand strategy and design direction from phase 1, their new website was created.
  • Website scoping workshop
  • Scope analysis
  • Design mockups 
  • Created and launched a new, user-friendly website that aligns with the new brand visuals.
  • Content copywriting
  • Launch of website 
  • Creation and printing of the internally launched brand guidelines book for all employees

Phase 3 – Strategic and realistic marketing plan

  • Developed a comprehensive content and marketing strategy aligned with the organization’s goals and target audience.
  • Defined key messaging themes and content pillars to guide future content creation.
  • Established a consistent brand voice and tone across all marketing channels.
  • Creation and rollout of RFI request and an industry whitepaper

Phase 4 – Execution and monthly coordination

  • Monthly Social Media Posts including Copywriting and Publishing
  • Curate, source, copywriter, coordinate and post a monthly company blog
  • Curate, source, copywrite, coordinate and distribute a quarterly company digital newsletter. 

Our Impact

Extension of the team

      • Seuss+ acts as an extension of clients’ teams, working closely to understand their unique needs and challenges.
      • By fostering a collaborative approach, Seuss+ ensures seamless integration and effective communication throughout the marketing process.

Specialized Marketing Expertise

      • Clients benefit from Seuss+’s specialized marketing expertise, leveraging industry knowledge and best practices to drive success.
      • Seuss+ brings a wealth of experience and skills to develop innovative and effective marketing strategies.

Brand Alignment and Consistency

      • Seuss+ plays a vital role in keeping clients’ brands aligned and consistent across all marketing channels.
      • By maintaining a cohesive brand identity and messaging, Seuss+ helps clients build a strong and recognizable brand presence.