CRO & Vendor Selection, Contract Negotiation & Governance Respiratory Phase III Clinical Program

Guiding a client through an inventory of services to ensure the success of their respiratory therapeutic area clinical program.

Client Profile

Company Name: Non-disclosed for clients privacy policy

Company Type: Drug development company

Company Size: small enterprise

Industry: Biotech & Pharma

Location: HQ in the U.K., operating world wide

Therapeutic Area: respiratory

Client Challenge

A clinical co-development company recently signed a co-development agreement with another pharmaceutical to advance the clinical development of one of the largest ongoing clinical trial programs for the treatment of Asthma (respiratory therapeutic area).

Thanks to the prior positive experience the client had with our team in the past on a CRO selection for their clinical study, they turned to us to guide them throughout the CRO selection of the new clinical trial program, the contract negotiations, as well as on how to best ensure an effective governance and oversight.

Client’s Words

“The Seuss+ team take a thorough and structured approach to the challenging and often complex process of CRO partner selection. The journey they take you through is comprehensive, creative and robust, ensuring you get the most out of the whole team’s contributions and take a complete 360 view of your partner needs, challenging and injecting fun at every step. This organised, dedicated and enthusiastic team goes the extra mile to guide you to a final highly data driven decision, which meets your business needs and serves as a strong basis for the conduct and delivery of outsourced trials.”

Vice President of Clinical Development

Seuss+ Approach

Five steps to success

Step 1 – MSA negotiations with multiple CROs

Step 2 – Expert team alignment and selection criteria framework

Step 3 – CRO selection, from RFP to final decision

Step 4 – RFP contract negotiations

Step 5 – Governance framework development for multi-supplier management program across studies

    Our Impact

    Ensuring strong partnerships

    • Creation of a robust outsourcing process
    • Alignment of the clinical team on CRO expectations and the main drivers for the clinical trial success and partnership
    • Minimization of scope changes due to a diligent RFP
    • Significant discount as a result of contract negotiations
    • CRO-Supplier Governance decreased time in meetings and increased oversight efficiency and consistency in all studies across vendors.

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