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Meet Siti Roba’ah Restuningrum: Our New Associate Business Consultant

Siti Roba’ah Restuningrum is more than just a new face in our team; she’s a dedicated, detail-oriented, and collaborative professional with a strong foundation in digital strategy and consultancy. Her skills, including Digital Strategy and innovation, Market Scanning, and Project Coordination, align perfectly with our values and mission.

Susan Braakman: Management Team Profile

Susan grew up in Haarlem, the Netherlands; close-knit family ties and enduring friendships enriched her formative years. These early influences ignited her journey through hotel school and, later, university, where she delved into Human Resources. Post-graduation, she further honed her expertise, earning a master’s in Sociology focusing on management, labor, and policy.

Meet Gina: Director of Marketing

Perhaps it’s my lifelong curiosity to learn that led me into life sciences? Or maybe it’s my affiliation to creating the remarkable that turned my head towards Microbiology? Whatever it was that caught my attention all those years ago, I have been captivated ever since.

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