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January 25, 2022

Welcome to Seuss+ Stories. This time, Meet Gina and learn her story. 

I’m Gina Dunn, Director of Marketing at Seuss+

Perhaps it’s my lifelong curiosity to learn that led me into life sciences? Or maybe it’s my affiliation to creating the remarkable that turned my head towards Microbiology?

Whatever it was that caught my attention all those years ago, I have been captivated ever since.

My entrepreneurial journey into the world of life sciences began in 1997 at an American microbiology startup. I experimented with areas of expertise and quenched my thirst for knowledge by doing. Much like microbiology itself, the seemingly simple turned out to be something truly extraordinary; It was my discovery of life science marketing and brand strategy that propelled me and uncovered my passion for transforming life science organizations.

My work at Seuss+, allows me to fulfill my passion for helping life science brands to discover their unique essence and market it. Here, I get to be part in leading the marketing of our own consulting brand and the added pleasure of working with organizations and leaders in the industry. This means, I get to learn about biotech advances, therapeutic areas, new medicines, and technologies that contribute to human health.

Today, I’m incredibly proud of how the work we’re doing advances how the pharmaceutical, biotech, and clinical research industries work. Together, we are changing life sciences and are part of that meaningful impact to the world of science.

I particularly enjoy collaborating with all the passionate people in our internal teams, from all over the world. And our marketing team is incredibly smart, creative, and fun, and it’s so gratifying to be able to mentor them and work together to bring exciting results and share the impact of our success stories with the world. We are all about learning by doing, and we never stop learning – this is another cultural significance in the way we work here at Seuss+.

The absolute icing on the cake is being on our women-led management team with amazing human beings that are equally passionate about driving change in the diversity narrative.

Outside of Seuss+, I enjoy anything and everything related to technology and seek hobbies with the spirit of competition – virtual reality and gaming are some of my biggest. I also enjoy cooking, especially with loved ones.

Is great to meet Gina and know her story. Want to meet the rest of the Seuss+ Team? Find us here.

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