Synergistic Solutions for a Meaningful Impact

Seuss+ is a creative, hands-on, and collaborative consulting firm serving the life sciences industry.

We provide creative, innovative, and synergistic solutions that address the business side of science. Our solutions strengthen and support life science companies, no matter the stage or phase of growth.

Our Services

Life Science Consulting

Expedite asset and clinical development, vendor selection and oversight, contract negotiations, and risk management.

Organizational Development

Bespoke, tailored corporate training programs and change management solutions with hand-curated subject matter experts.

Scale-up Recruitment

Dedicated and comprehensive talent sourcing, support strategies, and retention for rapid growth trajectories.

Committed to your life science success

Tailored Solutions

We live and breathe the complexities of the life science industry. A one-size-fits-all approach is not the solution. We connect with you in a human and transparent way, creating a tailored partner approach that strategically helps you navigate your current challenges and get prepared for what lies ahead.

Challenge the Status Quo

No challenge is too big; we thrive on them and excel at finding new, ground-breaking, tailored solutions that prepare you for the long term. We dare to be different, challenge the status quo, and, as a result, innovate and impact the world of life sciences together.


Who we help




Medical Devices

Diversity of expertise

Our regulatory, negotiation, CMC, manufacturing, organizational, coaching, recruitment, compliance, training, clinical, and subject matter experts are passionate people at the forefront of their specialties, genuinely motivated to impact the world of life sciences.

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See Who We’ve Worked With

We have worked with more than 211 life-science companies in more than 19 countries, helping them grow and evolve through their own unique growth phases and challenges. Discover more about their journey in our collection of meaningful impact case studies.

Life-Science & Pharma Jobs

If you’re looking for a career in the life-sciences industry, consider us your matchmaker. We have the connections to help you find your dream job, a position where you’ll get to use your strengths and enjoy the company of the people you do it with.

Let us help you.