Meet Laura: Marketing Associate for Talent

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Written by Laura

Laura Is a seasoned marketer, brand, and communications manager. Passionate about strategic communications, copy, and customer experience.

January 26, 2022

I’m Laura, Seuss+ Marketing Associate for Talent 

I’ve always been in love with storytelling, so naturally, when I discovered the positive impact it can have on organizational growth, I ventured headfirst into the world of brand building and copywriting. 

My journey with Seuss+ began nearly five years ago when I began working with them as a freelance branding consultant and copywriter. 

Over the years, we collaborated together on multiple projects, building together strong marketing strategies and reinventing and positioning the brands of some extraordinary life science companies, from Clinical Research Organizations to Clinical Training companies. 

In 2021 I came on board as a permanent member of the Seuss+ Marketing team, focusing on using my storytelling expertise to build compelling employer brands for our clients and develop meaningful internal communications while working on impactful talent strategies for harmonious placements and talent retention. 

At Seuss+, I get to work with an organization that is making a difference, the impact we have is tangible, and that’s truly unique.  

Meet Laura’s Journey

My entrepreneurial journey has not been linear; it took me a few years and a few wrong turns, from owning a restaurant to working in commercial aviation to discovering my passion for storytelling with impact to uncover the wonderful world of life sciences; my patchwork resume intrigued Seuss+ and my background and knowledge were immediately embraced for my diversity and unique insights, that right there is why I’ve enjoyed being part of a truly innovative organization for so long. The fact that they’re women-led is an added bonus! 

I can’t wait to see what the next few years bring, who we help and what projects come our way. 

Together, we are changing life sciences and are part of that meaningful impact on the world of science.  

Want to meet Laura and the rest of the Seuss+ Team? Find us here.


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