Will we see you at the 2023 HBA European Leadership Summit?


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May 26, 2023

This year’s HBA European Leadership Summit will be held in Amsterdam June 8-9,  2023.

Every year, the European Leadership Summit provides an exciting opportunity to come together as a community to foster business networks and explore innovative perspectives on critical topics at the heart of workplace cultures.

This exciting event, set over 2-days will focus this year on #TakeTheLead! A theme designed to show that everyone can have an impact on the important topic of Gender Equity. Individuals, departments within organizations, and companies should all ensure they are taking action on this topic.

“This Summit promises to be an inspiring experience, dedicated to fostering an unwavering commitment to taking the lead in working towards achieving gender parity. Embracing this responsibility is not only crucial but imperative in our ongoing mission to build a truly equitable and inclusive society.” – Sabine Hutchison, CEO Seuss+. Chair of HBA and EMEA and HBA Global Board Member

There’s still time to register for tickets. Will we see you there?

HBA European Leadership Summit

Seuss+ and the HBA

The HBA (Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association) is a global organization dedicated to helping women achieve their leadership goals at every stage of their careers by providing exclusive opportunities outside of work to refine and strengthen their skills and increase their knowledge of healthcare.

At Seuss+, we’ve been working closely with the HBA for many years. We proudly have several members of the Seuss+ team involved as active volunteers:

  • Sabine Hutchison – CEO – Chair of HBA EMEA and on the Global HBA Board.
  • Susan Braakman – Director of Group Services – President, Member Value Offerings, with the main focus on the EMEA Mentoring Program, an impactful program designed for personal & career growth for leaders, professionals and young professionals. (115 pairs in 2023)
  • Lauren Alani – Director of Digital Innovation – Head of Market Research and Intelligence. Also leading the Gender Pay Gap Report, which is published in collaboration  with  AON.
  • Hellen Boering – Director of Operations – Mentor in the Mentoring Program
  • Gina Dunn – Director of Marketing – Support with the design of marketing materials

This year’s summit

This year’s HBA European Leadership Summit is particularly exciting for Seuss+. Our very own CEO, Sabine Hutchison, will be hosting a workshop titled “How to Flex our Conversational Muscles and Break Inertia”, alongside Sean Yap – PHENOTYPE Global and Emma Wainer MA –Speaking at Work.

They’ll also discuss key topics on career progression, women’s health, sexual harassment, race and ethnicity, and career sponsorship.

Not only will we be a guest speaker, but we’re also delighted to be acting as an official sponsor of this year’s eagerly anticipated 2-day event.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Explore critical topics at the heart of workplace cultures
  • Expand and develop your business skills and acumen
  • Build new and strengthen lasting connections through networking opportunities
  • BE INSPIRED by thought leaders to take the lead within your career and personal life

The HBA European Summit is so important

We sat down for a brief Q&A with this year’s Seuss+ HBA European Leadership Summit attendees to ask some critical questions.

What are you most looking forward to at this year’s event?

“I’ve been a volunteer with HBA since 2021, and this event will give me a chance to finally meet some of the inspirational participants face-to-face. Especially those whom I’ve worked closely with virtually. This event also marks a milestone for me as my very first HBA conference, so I’m looking forward to being inspired and learning even more from others in our industry.” – Gina Dunn.

“First and foremost is meeting all the inspiring people at the HBA, the united force of change, who bring so much inspiration, knowledge, and power to the table. To meet my mentoring committee, which I have been working with remotely and will only now get to meet in person. Together we have achieved an all-time record in the number of participants in the program this year, so we certainly have something to celebrate.” – Susan Braakman.

“This will be my first ELS and presents a brilliant opportunity to meet new people, together with some of the inspiring volunteers I have worked with for the last 4 years. I will be hoping to gain innovative ideas about how we can work together to make our industry more equitable and to forge partnerships that continue to support market research in delivering valuable data and insights to our community.” – Lauren Alani


What does this year’s theme mean to you?

“Take the lead to me means coming into your own and taking roots in your unique leadership shoes. And this means something different to every single individual. Authenticity inspires aspirations! I’m looking forward to learning from all the different sessions on this critical topic, and I am a firm believer that we are all in a constant stage of growth and evolution; I’m interested in seeing what I can learn and apply it to my own and inspire others around me. “ – Gina Dunn

“I love the theme. It is important you take the lead to get what you want and to where you want to be. Knowing the HBA, they have selected speakers that are powerhouses and lead by example. For me personally, taking the lead to where I want to go has helped me get to where I am now” – Susan Braakman

” For me, this theme is empowering. It reminds me that many organizations are going through an organizational transformation, moving from a traditional structure to one of collaboration. This evolution allows more voices at the table, which means anyone can influence decisions. This is key when tackling something as large as the gender pay gap, which requires systems, cultures, and individuals to recognize the need and take action to adopt change.” – Lauren Alani


So, if you haven’t already, be sure to register for your tickets. We look forward to meeting you there.

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