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Strategic life science marketing to authentically stand out

By leveraging the power of specialized life science marketing tailored specifically to your business’s unique challenges and opportunities, you can effectively communicate your value, build a strong reputation, and establish meaningful connections with your audience.

Whether it’s promoting innovative research, cutting-edge medical devices, or breakthrough pharmaceuticals, we offer 3 key services to propel your brand forward. 

What you can expect:

  • empower your brand with market research and audience insights
  • unlock your uniqueness with strategically aligned messaging fit to your ideal audience
  • future-proof growth with strategic planning and marketing operations


Development of brand, strategy, and value proposition

Life science companies tend to be notoriously cautious about branding and marketing, and some may mistake a website and logo for a strong brand. To secure long-lasting business growth, targetting the right audience with an intentional brand strategy that is simultaneously intertwined with commercial drivers is essential.

We provide all-inclusive brand development. Unlike your average branding agency, we combine our marketing and brand expertise with unsurpassed life-science knowledge to get you real results and market reach, catered specifically to your unique business and relevant in your market.

Your brand is more than a logo, and Seuss+ will help you discover, craft, and articulate your foundational brand DNA and your story, inspiring and aligning your organization for the future. 


  • we know your audience
  • future-proofed brand strategy that drives long-term ambition
  • our experts identify your genuine USP (unique sales proposition)
  • our marketing SMEs are experts in life science 
  • a tailor-made approach as no brand is one-size-fits-all

You get:

  • strategic brand dna: mission, vision, values, and more 
  • unique marketing position
  • marketing materials, brand guidelines
  • inspiriational story and messaging
  • your genuine USP (unique sales proposition)

Marketing Best Practices for Life-Science Organizations

Website and content develpment to bring your brand to life externally

Your online presence is your virtual front door to the world. What you say and how you look is a direct reflection of your life science organization. We translate your brand strategy and incorporate it into a visually compelling website. Your website then becomes the flagship online presence for your brand.

A well-crafted and fit-for-purpose website is key to communicating your company’s position online. 


  • Improved online visibility and exposure
  • Increased traffic from search engines through SEO optimization
  • responsive design for a seamless user experience on all devices
  • engaging and informative content to attract and retain visitors

You get:

  • scoping content needs
  • life science expert copywriter 
  • web design
  • complete development of front and back end, testing, and rollout
  • SEO foundation

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Marketing operations and ad hoc support

We function as your outsourced marketing team. Our marketing specialists will create an operational strategy for marketing and execute it for you as well. ​

You get a dynamic and life-science specialized marketing team to strategize, activate, and report on your expanded brand reach. 

First, our marketing team develops your content strategy and marketing plan which is aligned to your brand. Next, we support your marketing team with training (or act as your team) to write, design, and execute your content plan. Finally, you’ll get a monthly marketing report and call with your dedicated strategist.


  • eliminates the need to hire marketing personnel
  • benefit from our expertise and efficiency
  • fresh perspectives and innovative ideas from external specialists
  • faster execution of marketing strategies and campaigns
  • reduced training and onboarding time, as the outsourcing team is already skilled

How can we help?

You get:

  • a tailor-made solution
  • yearly strategy-only option available if your in-house team will execute
  • social media content and posting
  • curated content including images
  • monthly reporting
  • eBooks 
  • Whitepapers
  • Webinars 
  • Thought leadership
  • Interactive content
  • Video production
  • Brand photoshoot
  • Flyers and collateral
  • Conferences and Events
  • Infographics
  • Presentations
  • Pitch decks
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Paid ads / PPC (e.g. AdWords, LinkedIn)
  • Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • CRM setup and implementation
  • Marketing automation


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