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Specializing in vendor management – Seuss+ is there when you need us; we provide ongoing support to manage your critical vendors.

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Ongoing Vendor Management support you need when you need it

We drive and document a governance structure, plan and facilitate meetings, provide contract support, and implement reporting, ultimately managing issues and escalations throughout the lifecycle of the trial. 

With our service, you’ll get:

  • implementation and management of oversight plans
  • negotiated change orders
  • defined comprehensive KPIs and metrics
  • setup of a fit-for-purpose governance structure
  • issues are clearly escalated, any actions are communicated to all parties
  • comprehensive compliance documentation including meeting minutes
  • meeting scheduling, agenda creation, and alignment with all parties
  • a comprehensive and tailored oversight model and toolkit
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How Our Services Support with Clinical Trial Governance

We have experience helping with the following

SNAG 0584

Budget and financial tracker solution for clinical trials

The Seuss+ custom-built financial tracker tool offers a comprehensive solution for your financial management needs, allowing you to quickly visualize the current status (i.e., deviation from forecast) and the evolution of actuals vs forecast throughout the study. With the fully automated dashboard, you can quickly visualize any anomalies (i.e. delayed payments or significant deviation from the forecast). Not only do we build the tool, but we can implement and perform monthly data entry and maintain the tool for you. We can also train your team on how to use it.

The Finance tracker tool is created based on the information reported by the CRO and/or suppliers concerning expected payments and structured to match the format of invoices received to minimize the time needed to update the tracker.​ 

Example features:

  • Automated and integrated graphs
  • Forecast tab and dashboards
  • Tailor made for you
  • Based in Microsoft Excel
  • Fully scalable for your organization


  • Avoid derailing your poduct development process
  • Accurately track program finances
  • Manages spend
  • Enables data-driven decisions

Get control and visibility into the financial status of your clinical trial

Discover How Vendor Management Works

Seuss+ offers comprehensive vendor management services, functioning as a flexible extension of your team. Whether you require immediate assistance or ongoing support, we are dedicated to efficiently managing your critical vendors to meet your needs effectively.

Step 1


Set up of governance structure and related compliance documentation

Establish a clear executive-level contact person in case escalation required to resolve potential issues

Implementation of meetings and required reporting on a quarterly basis incl. onboarding to meeting structure and conduct

Step 2

Implementation & Maintenance

Implementation and management of oversight plan as applicable

Facilitation of business meetings + leadership meetings

Creation of agenda, meeting materials, and minutes (documentation)

Alignment with the sponsor prior to business meeting

Contract support e.g., comparison to results, analysis of infringements and performance

Invoice oversight support – comparison of invoices vs contract 

Management of change orders

Identify, support selection and contracting of any new supplier (on request) 

Template creations and presentations as needed


Management of issues throughout the trial lifecycle

Including escalation of issues to vendor executives as needed

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We facilitate the complete process of managing your vendor(s).

Issues and Alignment

Creating a space where overarching commercial issues can be discussed outside of the details of day-to-day operations.


We focus on supporting you and your vendor(s) by taking care of the administration.


We can assess vendor contract performance- comparison to results, analysis of infringements, performance.


Seuss+’s Vendor Management Service provide you with the ongoing support you need to manage your clinical trials vendors. Here are some related services:

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