Meet Seuss+ Co-Founders and CEOs at 42nd Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference 2024

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Written by Gina Dunn

Gina is an accomplished marketing director with a long history of building and guiding brands in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and clinical research industries.

January 2, 2024

Meet Seuss+ Co-Founders and CEOs at 42nd Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference 2024

Seuss+ is kicking off 2024 by connecting with biotech and life science companies and investors in San Francisco, during the 42nd Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference.

It’s a flagstone event for the industry, bringing together global leaders, emerging companies, and technology innovators in healthcare – the perfect time for Seuss+ CEOs and Founders to be in one place to meet clients and forge new partnerships.

“I’m excited to be heading to San Francisco, especially during such an important industry event,” said Kieran Canisius, Co-Founder and CEO of Seuss+. “Seuss+ is all about collaboration, and this is a great chance for us to meet with the people and companies who will be in the area.

If you’re attending the conference or in the area, Kieran invites you to get in touch: “I’d love to connect with you to explore how your organization could benefit from our expertise and experience, and how we could help take your success to new levels.”

Why the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference?

The J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference is renowned for its role in shaping the future of healthcare. It’s a platform where industry leaders discuss digital health, artificial intelligence, gene editing, mental health innovations, and more.

But it’s not just the conference that’s impactful. It’s such a central event on the life science calendar that a whole range of activities have sprung up around it, creating a hub of inspiration that we simply can’t miss.

“It’s always such an exciting time to connect with other players in the industry,” said Sabine Hutchison, Co-Founder and CEO of Seuss+. “The conference aligns perfectly with our vision and goals: we’re committed to shaping the business of life science, and this is the place to make that happen.

Sabine is looking forward to strengthening and expanding her network in San Francisco and beyond: “I’d love to connect with people to talk about the ever-evolving challenges our industry encounters, and to discuss practical solutions.”

Let’s Connect in San Francisco

Kieran and Sabine will be in San Francisco from January 8-11, 2024. Will you be in the area? Find out about the Seuss+ Co-Founders and CEOs here, and contact us to set up a meeting.

Kieran Canisius is known for her exceptional ability to navigate the challenges of science, strategy, business, and people management in the life sciences sector. Her approach often leads to transformative shifts in corporate mindsets, and her contributions have been pivotal to the success of numerous life science organizations.

Kieran excels in driving assets through critical inflection points, building and enhancing relationships with CROs and vendors, creating high-performing teams and aligning stakeholders in board meetings. Her expertise in securing funding for innovative projects, making astute investment decisions and negotiating contracts makes her indispensable for ensuring the stability of a project or company.

Renowned for bringing fresh perspectives to traditional life science consulting, Kieran emphasizes diversity and empathy in business, setting a new standard in the industry.

Sabine Hutchison has a deep understanding of the intricate challenges faced by life science organizations. Her belief in comprehensive insight as the cornerstone of effective solutions has been a guiding principle throughout her career.

Sabine’s professional journey is marked by a fervent passion for optimizing clinical development pathways and providing insightful guidance on CRO and supplier partnerships. Her methodology is robustly data-driven, a strategy that has repeatedly empowered organizations to exceed their goals and aspirations.

A dedicated advocate for gender parity, Sabine serves as President of the HBA EMEA Region, leading initiatives focused on this crucial cause. She is deeply committed to addressing the evolving challenges of the industry and actively seeks to engage in discussions about practical solutions.

About Seuss+ | Your Strategic Life Science Partner

Seuss+ is a leading global life science consultancy specializing in guiding Biotechs, Pharma, and Specialty Suppliers through critical inflection points. Our commitment is to simplify the complexities of the business side of science, ensuring your journey from concept to market is seamless and successful.

Our Expertise:

  • CRO, CDMO, and Vendor Selection: Identifying the ideal partners for your unique needs.
  • Quality by Design SOPs: Establishing robust standard operating procedures for consistent quality.
  • Clinical Trial System and Technology Optimization: Utilizing extensive system knowledge to streamline clinical trials and attract investment.
  • Growth Preparedness: Preparing your teams and processes for scalable growth.
  • Risk Management: Protecting your investments and minimizing risks.
  • Investor Interaction Prep: Equipping you with the tools for impactful investor engagements.

We tackle specific business challenges head-on, including patient recruitment, funding strategies, RFP management, investigator meeting progression, data integrity, communication enhancement, and relationship building. At Seuss+, our expert team of life science consultants delivers strategic solutions tailored to propel your success, accelerate drug development, and drive organizational growth.

Ready to tackle the business side of science?

Start 2024 with the momentum to drive your business forward by connecting with Kieran Canisius and/or Sabine Hutchison in San Francisco. To schedule a meeting in January, simply complete this form.

Whether you’re facing business challenges or seeking strategic insights, a conversation with the Seuss+ Co-Founders could be the catalyst for your next commercial breakthrough.

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