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June 7, 2024


Amsterdam, Netherlands – June 11, 2024 – Seuss+, a consultancy in life sciences, proudly announces its partnership DiMe’s innovative new project, “Building the Business Case for Digital Endpoints.” This collaboration signifies a major leap forward in enhancing clinical trial methodologies through the integration of digital endpoints, fostering a patient-centric and data-driven approach in healthcare research.

The project aims to establish robust industry benchmarks for evaluating the return on investment (ROI) of digital endpoints in drug development and medical device innovation. By crafting comprehensive business cases, the initiative seeks to drive the adoption and practical implementation of digital measures in clinical trials.

Kieran Canisius, CEO and Co-founder of Seuss+, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “Our collaboration with DiMe marks a crucial step towards revolutionizing clinical trials. Specifically, the utilization of Digital endpoints offer the potential to dramatically improve patient engagement and study efficiency. For small biotech, the guidance that Seuss+ will be able to provide on how to implement digital endpoints will be crucial for their success. This project not only aligns with our commitment to the industry but also underscores our dedication to advancing healthcare research.”

The project will focus on:

  • Developing shared industry benchmarks for assessing digital endpoints’ ROI.
  • Supporting organizations in constructing compelling business cases for digital endpoints.
  • Assisting stakeholders in making informed decisions to sustain investment in digital health strategies.

Lauren Alani, Director Digital Innovation at Seuss+, added, “The work DiMe has done so far has been fantastic in showing the value and benefits of using digital endpoints in clinical research. I am so proud of us at Seuss+ for representing the challenges and requirements our client base of biotechnology companies have in this inspiring project, so that we can continue to improve the accessibility of digital endpoints. The goal is to give our clients and boarder industry really practical tools to facilitate the implementation of digital endpoints into clinical trials so that we can show data on the true impact and symptoms that matter most to patients.”

Seuss+ is committed to ensuring that this partnership not only fosters innovation but also delivers practical solutions that align with the evolving needs of the healthcare industry.

About Seuss+

Seuss+ is an international consultancy that specializes in solving complex business challenges in the life sciences sector. With a strong focus on clinical development and vendor management, Seuss+ empowers biotech companies to achieve clinical trial success and organizational growth.

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