WEBINAR: Navigating the Regulatory Evolution to Safeguard your Data Integrity

For small-mid size Biotechs and Pharma

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July 11, 2024


About the Webinar

Welcome to Seuss+’s exclusive webinar on navigating data integrity in clinical trials. Join our industry leaders, Kieran Canisius and Lauren Alani, as they dive into the evolving regulatory landscape and share practical insights on optimizing data flow and ensuring compliance.

This webinar is tailored for small and mid-sized biotech and pharma companies aiming to enhance their clinical trial processes and safeguard data integrity.

Webinar Topics Covered:

  • Understanding the importance of data integrity in clinical trials
  • Overview of current regulatory requirements from FDA, EMA, and ICH
  • Strategies for mapping and optimizing data flow
  • Real-world examples and case studies of data integrity challenges
  • The role of clinical systems analysis in maintaining data integrity
  • Best practices for aligning with regulatory guidelines
  • Key steps for ensuring your clinical systems are fit for purpose
  • Insights into data governance and vendor management

Join us to learn about the latest regulatory requirements and strategies to safeguard your data.

    Key Benefits for Attendees:

    Attendees will gain:


    • In-depth Insights: Understand the complexities of data integrity from industry experts.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Learn about the latest regulatory requirements and how to stay compliant.
    • Data Flow Optimization: Discover strategies to map, interrogate, and optimize data flow.
    • Real-World Applications: Gain practical knowledge from real-world examples and case studies.
    • Actionable Steps: Receive clear guidance on immediate steps to enhance data integrity in your trials.

    “Lauren Alani’s speech was the perfect blend of Pharma meets tech, full of strategies for staying ahead and some key takeaways.”


    Kieran Canisius, Speaker
    CEO and Co-Founder

    Meet our Leaders

    Gain insights from Lauren Alani and Kieran Canisius, seasoned leaders in the biotech space in life sciences.

    Lauren new 2023

    Lauren Alani, Speaker
    Director of Digital Innovation

    About Kieran

    Kieran brings a profound understanding of the life sciences field with over 18 years of industry experience. At Seuss+, she has been instrumental in creating a culture of diversity and empathy. Her approach blends deep regulatory and clinical knowledge with innovative strategies to support clients through complex challenges. Kieran’s leadership is driven by a commitment to finding new strategies for success.


    About Lauren

    Meet our expert, Lauren Alani, a trailblazer in digital systems and technology in the life sciences. With her extensive experience in making clinical trials more effective and efficient, Lauren is dedicated to advancing global healthcare through innovation. Her unique perspective on digital transformation and digital innovation has inspired many in the field through her speaking engagements and keynote presentations.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who should attend this webinar?

    This webinar is designed for life science professionals involved in clinical trials, particularly in small and mid-sized biotech and pharma companies.

    What will I gain from this webinar?

    Attendees will gain comprehensive insights into data integrity, regulatory compliance, and strategies for optimizing data flow in clinical trials.

    Will the webinar be recorded?

    Yes, a recording will be available for registered attendees after the live session.

    How can I ask questions during the webinar?

    Attendees can submit questions through the webinar interface, and selected questions will be addressed during the Q&A session.

    Is there a cost to attend this webinar?

    The webinar is complimentary. We believe in sharing knowledge to foster industry-wide growth.

    Interested in speaking with one of our life science consultants?

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