Welcoming Jane Winter – Expanding Expertise, Fueling Growth

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March 6, 2024

A Powerhouse of Pharma Experience Joins Seuss+

At Seuss+, we believe transformative ideas emerge when talented people bring their unique perspectives together. We’re excited to introduce our newest team member, Jane Winter (Executive SME/Executive Oversight). Combining decades of industry leadership with an in-the-trenches understanding of life sciences challenges, Jane’s passion for effective, tailored solutions perfectly embodies the Seuss+ approach.

Deep Dive: Jane’s Strengths

Jane brings a wealth of experience to the table. Let’s explore the specific skills and insights that make her an invaluable asset to any life sciences

Outsourcing Mastery: Successfully managing the complexities of outsourcing is crucial for life sciences success. Jane is an expert in this space, guiding companies to create streamlined processes for better oversight and outcomes.

” I have always worked in the clinical research function and gained extensive global business and clinical operational experience across top 20 Pharma companies, CROs (Contract Research Organizations), consulting firms, Pharma tech, and my own consulting company. I have helped large global Pharma companies design outsourcing strategies compatible with their corporate goals, supported biotechs in identifying their vendors for their first clinical studies, implemented appropriate oversight framework to monitor progress and risks, and quickly resolve issues. “

Partnership Building: Whether leading long-term strategic partnerships or advising on tactical vendor choices, Jane understands the ingredients for lasting relationships and mutual success.

“I have led large CRO and Pharma strategic partnerships and helped build strong relationships to deliver the partnership goals”

Organizational Savvy: Designing the right business frameworks for growth isn’t just theory for Jane. She excels at the critical work of putting insights into action.

“As a consultant, I have also led several organizational design projects, to enable corporate transformation and growth”

What This Means for Clients

These aren’t just abstract talents; Jane’s expertise translates into tangible benefits for Seuss+ clients. Let’s break down how you can directly benefit from her knowledge.

  • Strategic Alignment: Seamlessly match your company goals with robust outsourcing and partnership strategies.
  • Risk Mitigation: Tap into Jane’s seasoned eye for uncovering hidden challenges and building proactive solutions.
  • Accelerated Results: Leverage the knowledge gained from decades of real-world victories to reduce the need for lessons learned and meet your corporate goals.

Why Jane Chose Seuss+

It’s not just about what Jane Winter brings to Seuss+, but why she was drawn to our unique approach. Here’s what motivated her to join our team:

“I have been chatting to Sabine and Kieran for a few years after being introduced by a mutual contact. I was impressed by their entrepreneurial spirit and passion to offer flexible solutions to their customers…Seuss+ ‘s core capabilities are well aligned with my own knowledge and interests.”

This shared vision and focus on tailored solutions clearly sparked Jane’s interest in contributing her expertise.

Can Jane help you?

Are you facing complex outsourcing questions or ready to revitalize your internal organization? Learn how Jane’s expertise, combined with our collaborative Seuss+ approach, can help you with your business challenges. 


Join us in welcoming Jane Winter to Seuss+, where she is poised to contribute knowledge and skills. We look forward to the steady progress she will help our clients achieve.

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