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Gina Dunn MT Profile

Written by Laura

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October 5, 2023

Paving a Path that Is Your Own

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Gina Dunn – Director of Marketing

Gina’s journey is a testament to her resilience, determination, and passion for learning. From an early age, Gina knew she wanted to be in the driver’s seat of her life and career. She actively paved her way step by step by learning through doing.

This spirit was shaped while growing up in a small town in western Maryland, United States. Inspired by her father’s self-determination, resourcefulness, and hard work – he built their family home with his own hands and worked tirelessly as a mechanic – Gina understood that armed with willpower and the ability to assimilate concepts through actions, one is able to construct a future that is neither limited by others nor circumstances.

At 17, Gina landed her first professional job with a microbiology startup. Fueled by her fascination in this field, she quickly proved herself and became a crucial part of the team; Gina constantly sought opportunities to learn and grow during her eight years there; she was always encouraged to “go figure it out yourself,” which matched her personal ethos. She took graduate courses voluntarily to be able to publish scientific articles and continually set gold standards for the companies she worked for.

Her move to Europe was triggered when she went to France at the age of 21 on a work trip. Perhaps the overwhelming sensation of being in a foreign land for the first time, with norms and cultures that seemed worlds apart from the United States, spurred her sense of adventure and curiosity. Perhaps the decision was validated because Europe felt more like home and a connection to the world beyond her small-town upbringing. Whatever the reason, she realized that formal qualifications were not the only path to success and Europe. This is when she fully embraced the idea of learning by doing, taking risks, and constantly adapting to the changing landscape of society.

The transatlantic move saw her work for small startups, helping them through growth phases, as well as building her own company – all the while gravitating towards opportunities that allowed her to make a positive impact. She leveraged her deep marketing expertise and focused on brand strategy, helping small and medium-sized biotechs navigate the challenges of growth and commercialization. Gina’s unique perspective made her a sought-after consultant.

Gina continually emphasizes the importance of a high vision, a strong brand strategy, and a clear mission. She believes it is never too early for companies to earnestly plan for commercialization. To stay ahead of the competition, companies need to differentiate themselves early to make a positive first impression. She also believes in the importance of matching mindsets and building a solid team to harmoniously run a commercial business while staying true to the core values of science.

Gina’s personal values, rooted in resilience and adaptability, have become the cornerstone of her unique outlook. Her self-styled approach perfectly matches the ever-changing landscape of the life sciences industry, where stakes are high and pathways are unique. By embracing learning through doing, fixing, experimenting, and instinct, she can intuitively help her clients transform setbacks into knowledge, convert inertia into results, and turn scientific assets into valuable companies.


Gina Dunn is the Director of Marketing for Seuss+. Before this, she founded her own marketing and branding agency. Her experience includes senior marketing positions in life science companies, leadership education, gaming, and financial payment platforms. Her earlier professional experience included time working at microbiology companies, where she published an article in Food Quality Magazine entitled ‘Debunking Listeria Monocytogenes’ in 2005. Fluent in English and quietly competent in Dutch, she lives in the Netherlands with her partner and son. She has a strong passion for conservation and is actively involved in companion parrot rescue.

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