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Hellen Boering MT Profile

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October 5, 2023

Champions in Business: The Winning Edge of Sports Mentality

In this series of Management Team Profile Bios, we invite you to get to know the dedicated individuals who drive our organization. Discover their inspiring stories, remarkable achievements, and unwavering commitment to our shared vision. Join us as we introduce you to each member of our leadership, one profile at a time.

Hellen Boering  – Director of Operations

Hellen brings a unique blend of experiences and expertise to her role as the Director of Operations at Seuss+. While her early years in the Netherlands were marked by a strong affinity for sports, her academic pursuits and professional journey have been equally influential.

Her academic journey led her to the study of human movement science, a field that delves deep into the intricate aspects of how the body functions in motion, encompassing psychological, physical, sociological, and anatomical dimensions. This foundation continues to serve as the backbone of her approach to management and leadership.

Though Hellen participated in various sports during her youth, her exceptional talent shone in water polo. Her achievements, including becoming a world champion in 1991 and representing her nation in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, speak volumes about her perseverance and determination in the face of adversity. These qualities have seamlessly transcended into her professional life.

Hellen draws a compelling parallel between elite sports and the dynamics of commercial organizations. She firmly believes in adapting organizational roles to accommodate diverse personalities, just as in sports teams, where a range of skills is essential for success. Furthermore, Hellen emphasizes the importance of creating a nurturing environment that fosters learning, whether from mistakes or the adoption of new techniques, all in pursuit of a common objective.

Her extensive experience in the clinical research industry has provided her with invaluable insights into harnessing individual creativity within highly regulated environments. Hellen is an advocate for not letting boundaries define the talent an organization recruits. She is committed to adding value and fostering self-confidence among team members, an approach honed during her sporting career. This philosophy is now a cornerstone of Seuss+’s individual development plan.

Amidst the complexity of organizational challenges, Hellen stands out as a bridge-builder. Her patient and empathetic nature, coupled with her ability to approach problems from various angles, enables her to craft comprehensive solutions that consider multiple perspectives.

On a personal level, Hellen values the concept of continuous improvement. Drawing from her water polo experience, she recognizes the importance of intentional thinking, training, and feedback in achieving better outcomes. Hellen is not content with mere participation; she strives for excellence, exemplifying her belief: ” it is important to learn how to loose”

In summary, Hellen’s multifaceted background in sports and life sciences has enriched her management approach, emphasizing inclusivity, adaptability, and continuous improvement as key drivers of success in both the sporting arena and the corporate world.


Hellen Boering is the Director of Operations at Seuss+. Prior to this, she spent many years in the pharmaceutical industry with companies such as Genzyme and Astellas, as well as in clinical research organizations such as Covance (now Fortrea) and Quintiles. She holds a Masters of Sciences in Human Movement Sciences, as well as completed courses on social and labor law. She served as chair of Genzyme Europe’s work council during the major reorganization. Speaking fluent Dutch and English, Hellen lives with her partner in the quiet countryside, just outside of busy Amsterdam. She also represented the Netherlands in water polo at the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympic Games.

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