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Sabine MT Profile

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October 5, 2023

Cultivating Growth, Propelling Aspirations

In this series of Management Team Profile Bios, we invite you to get to know the dedicated individuals who drive our organization. Discover their inspiring stories, remarkable achievements, and unwavering commitment to our shared vision. Join us as we introduce you to each member of our leadership, one profile at a time.

Sabine Hutchison – CEO and Co-Founder

Sabine effortlessly sparks engaging and productive conversations, armed with her exceptional listening skills, sharp questioning, and insatiable curiosity. Her unique blend of heart and mind leaves others feeling heard, contextually enlightened, and inspired, propelling them forward.

Sabine embodies self-determination and empowerment, instilled in her from a young age by her parents. Her scientific curiosity and natural urge to find out how things worked led her down the path of biology and, eventually, chemistry. Intellectually stimulated and satiated, this pathway also led to interesting job assignments. Notable ones included developing programs to calculate safe ways of incinerating chemicals and learning to drive large trucks filled with hazardous chemicals. She always adopted the “why not” attitude to incremental learning.

With a wealth of chemical industry related skills and knowledge under her belt, including the ability to double-clutch a 10-ton truck, Sabine moved to Germany.  In spite of nearly 15 years of working experience in the United States, she was willing to start over in a foreign land. There, she did what she does best – build from the beginning. Her tenacity and resilience prevailed, eventually working her way into project management and sales in a Central Lab. This was when her career in life sciences skyrocketed.

Continuing her journey, Sabine embarked on diverse roles within clinical research with prominent German-based companies, demonstrating her rapid rise and growing responsibilities. But the path has been a testament to her resilience, marked by both triumphs and tribulations.

Her career has undoubtedly seen remarkable growth and success, yet it’s essential to recognize that it’s been far from liner. Along the way she confronted setbacks like the failure of her communications app and navigating the undesired evolution of an earlier business venture Zocket. Sabine understands that life and entrepreneurship encompass not only celebrating achievements but also navigating adversity. She firmly believes in the value of building one’s resilience muscle, understanding that it’s the challenges and setbacks that have helped her revaluate her approach and take steps to work on solving problems head-on.

Throughout all the highs and lows, it’s Sabine’s unwavering passion for the life sciences industry that beats at the core of her ambition—an ambition focused on bridging the gaps that exist within the field. Co-founding Seuss+ with like-minded individuals, she leverages her curiosity to solve complex issues, aiming to create robust roadmaps that foster industry growth and improve patient outcomes.

Social impact is woven into the very fabric of Sabine’s values, a result of her first-hand encounters in male-dominated landscapes. In her capacity as an engaged EMEA President and member of the Global Board of Directors at the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA), Sabine champions gender parity within the industry. Her approach hinges on empathy, tangible action, and a resolute sense of purpose, all geared toward activating transformative cultural shifts.

Throughout her decade-long commitment to the organization, Sabine has harnessed empathy as a catalyst for change. She has strategically employed purpose-driven initiatives, with the goal of making impact and leaving an imprint on the healthcare industry.

In summary, Sabine’s professional mission is to continually keep the life sciences industry healthy in order to keep people and patients healthy. The combination of Seuss+ and the HBA is a never-ending inspiration and constant reminder that there is always room to improve and alter trajectories. Sabine lives and breathes self-transformation.


Sabine Hutchison is CEO and Co-Founder of Seuss+. She is also a serial entrepreneur, having founded several other companies in a variety of sectors. Prior to this, she held senior positions in small and large clinical research services companies. She has also served with the HBA since 2012 and has been on its European Executive Committee for eight years. She holds a degree in Chemistry and is fluent in English and German. Originally from the United States, she lives in Hamburg with her husband and their dog. Do ask her for some tips on magic when you get a chance.

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