Interim Consultants

Bridging the gaps by placing subject matter experts who work as an extension of your team.


Extra expertise when you need it

When your company needs specific functional or therapeutic knowledge now, but maybe not forever, we can offer the services of expert problem-solvers in Procurement, HR, Outsourcing, Data Management, Sales, Marketing, and beyond.

Expertise With Flexibility

Our interim consultants are respected life science experts, ready to guide you through different phases of your clinical program.

Bridging Unexpected Gaps

When the unexpected happens, and you need another set of hands on deck, we help you find just the expert you need to step in right away.

Strategic Partnerships

We find interim consultants for your team with the needed skills as well as the cultural fit to ensure a thriving partnership that shows results.

Bridging the gaps

When your life science company needs specific functional or therapeutic knowledge, our executive interim consultants are ready to fill that gap for as long as you need, saving you the costs of hiring a permanent employee you might not need for the long term.

They are experts in clinical, research, safety, pharmacovigilance, medical & regulatory affairs, manufacturing, production & quality, compliance, marketing & sales, and beyond.

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What to expect

We match the perfect interim consultant to your team and organization by looking beyond the regular job demands. Every interim consultant partnership is different, tailored to your company’s specific needs. But, typically, the process works like this:

Job Intake

We dig into the requirements of the role and the culture of your company to find you the best fit for a successful collaboration.


Uncovering Experts

We mine our vast network, launching targeted campaigns to connect with the ideal expert for your organization’s needs.

Matching Process

We use our behavioral assessment tool, which aids in determining the experts that fit your behavioral job requirements & team.

Interview Phase

Our behavioral tool also guides the interview process, helping us ask the right questions to create a holistic candidate profile and uncover your interim consultant match.

Offer & Contract Negotiations

We will stick with you through the end, making sure the process runs like clockwork and supporting you in achieving the best possible outcome in contract negotiations as well.

What others say

“The team has successfully recruited two senior executives for our European CRO. In each case, they understood our needs perfectly and were able to identify candidates who were a good fit for our culture. After presenting us with excellent candidates, they stayed with us through the selection process, facilitating negotiations with the chosen candidates; we really felt they were part of our team.”

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