Tailored Training Programs & Workshops

Prepare your team to take on new challenges in lively training programs designed to help them develop new skills and unlock their unique potential, individually and collectively.

Enhance collaboration and make your teams stronger

Drive sustainable behavioral change and achieve lasting impact with a training program tailored to your own challenges, needs and goals. 

Develop Team Skills

Improve your team’s skills, as well as the opportunity to develop themselves, to enforce job satisfaction and loyalty.

Scale Successfully

In times of organizational growth, your talent needs to develop even more quickly to keep that growth going. 

Unify Your Team

Our trainings increase trust and collaboration within your team and across departments, locations, and time zones. 

Upskill your team 


In times of organizational growth or change, your talent needs to develop even more quickly to keep pushing ahead.

Our training programs, tailor-made for your team’s needs and learning styles, focus on problem-solving, overcoming inefficiencies, elevating your managers, building high-performing teams, and much more.

Scroll down and take a look at the common challenges and some trainings to choose from for your own program.



Trainings to overcome challenges

While custom programs are also available for other skillsets, we’ve already designed successful trainings to address the challenges below. Do any of them look familiar? We can help you overcome them.

Are you looking for ways to empower your team?

Included trainings & workshops:

  • Emotional intelligence: Building powerful relationships
  • The basics of working in agile
  • Effective decision-making
  • Self-effectiveness: Crushing your comfort zone and managing mindset

Are you wasting time in inefficient meetings?

Included trainings & workshops:

  • Virtual meeting masterclass to drive effectiveness
  • Meeting interventions and netiquette

Are your team dynamics getting in the way of success?

Included trainings & workshops:

  • Self- and team-awareness to leverage strengths and uncover blind spots
  • Conflict management & challenging conversations
  • Team building activities

Do your teams struggle with effective communication?

Included trainings & workshops:

  • Active listening
  • Non-violent communication
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Adapting to your audience

Do you want to improve sales within your company?

Included trainings & workshops:

  • Bid defense training
  • Train your team in representing your core business
  • Kick-off and manage your supplier relationship

Do you want to increase and encourage diversity?

Included trainings & workshops:

  • Unconscious bias training
  • The positive impact of conflict and diversity of thought

Do you need to elevate your management team to step out of an executing role?

Included trainings & workshops:

  • Situational leadership
  • Influencing and negotiating skills
  • Coaching skills
  • Motivating teams

Do you need your employees to build and reinforce their personal brand?

Included trainings & workshops:

  • Networking techniques
  • Personal branding

What to expect

We leverage our expertise to support the growth of your talent and establish high performing teams.


Initial needs assessment with key

Program Development

Program development and kick-off with the management team.

Team Kick-Off

Kick-off with the wider team and complete onboarding.

Behavioral Survey

Completion of behavioral assessment surveys for individual learning needs.

Training Session

Training sessions in chosen format and group size.

Management Coaching

1-1 management coaching, or in a team format.

Feedback Collection

Management and team feedback is collected and analyzed.


Debrief and feedback session with the management team.

What others say

“I have involved the Seuss+ team in the development of my Business developers over the last 12 months. Their ability to understand each individual and tailor their coaching advice has been of great benefit for the individuals concerned and the team as a whole. Having Seuss as part of my extended team is hugely beneficial in supporting the growth of the team.”

SVP Business Development •



I’m Isabell, Senior Business Consultant at Seuss+

I’d like to get to know you and your business. I am ready to answer your questions and start tackling your business challenges.

Personal Branding: Create your plan, promote your brand.

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