Sales Training Program for Life Science Organizations

Improve your team’s sales effectiveness through greater empathy, engagement, and adaptability. Sales and Business Development training for CROs and other life science organizations.


Empower Your Business Development Team and Company Representatives for Life Science Growth

Train your BD team and company representatives to improve prospects and client interactions, staying informed about market developments, and enhancing their ability to fuel growth for your CRO, CDMO, pharma, and medical device initiatives.

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Close More Deals for Life Science Organization with Strategic Training

Equip your life science sales team with effective business development techniques that enable them to close more deals for CRO, CDMO, pharma, and medical device with precision and speed.

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Gain A Competitive Edge in Life Science Sales

People buy from people, not businesses. Equip your life science business development team with the skills to build and retain a personal connection with clients for biotech and life science organizations.

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Boost Engagement

Offer your team growth opportunities, help them build professional skills they’ll use for life, and on-the-job satisfaction will skyrocket.

Perfect Your Pitch for Business Development in Life Science


In our sales training program, your CRO, CDMO, pharma, and medical device team will improve the interactions of investors, clients, and relationships to create opportunities for sales growth.

This interactive and tailored program involves the personal development of skills and techniques related to creating and exploring new sales opportunities, as well as closing deals for your organization.

Seuss+ Sales Training Program

What to expect: life science teams trainings

Every sales training program is different, tailored to your company’s specific needs. But, typically, the process works like this:

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Company Analysis

We work with you to pinpoint your overarching objectives and specific training needs, and set training durations and delivery timelines, as we build a custom program for you.

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Training Delivery

Each program builds practical sales skills through fun and lively hands-on exercises. We explore how you can create new opportunities, strengthen that all-important sales pitch, and close more deals.

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1-1 Coaching

Help your team develop faster by adding 1-on-1 coaching to their training program, designed to reinforce and deepen skills trained in the workshops.

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