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meet hellen

Written by Laura

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May 15, 2021

Meet Hellen, our Director of Operations. Discover why working for Seuss+ provides Hellen with adventure, fun, and the chance to learn continuously. 

Hi Hellen, Can You Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself?

I am the Director of Operations at Seuss+; my background is in clinical research and Human Movement Sciences; along the way, I got caught up in the wonderful world of Life Sciences.

At Seuss+, I’m considered the resident expert on processes, policies, and procedures. Bringing structure and efficiency to the business side of science both internally and externally for our life science clients.

How Long Have You Been An Employee With Seuss+?

I really started working for Seuss+ in May 2019, However, I have known and helped Kieran and Sabine long before that.  

Why Do You Like Working With Seuss+?

Definitely the adventure! Before starting at Seuss+, I already knew Kieran and Sabine, they are close friends of mine, and I knew that there would be no political games within this company. Seuss+ is built upon mutual trust and creating a positive working environment.  

While working at Seuss+, I keep developing myself, and I continue to learn. Of course, this is not always fun because it might result in making a mistake. However, this creates you as a person, which is something Seuss+ emphasizes in their company environment. It is trial and error, but that is what makes work an adventure. You have to get out of your comfort zone and maybe work on unfamiliar projects. 

How Did You Learn About Seuss+?

As I mentioned, I already knew Kieran and Sabine before working with them. I had the opportunity to follow everything from day one, to see the company grow and contribute when necessary and where my help would be beneficial. When Sabine and offered me a position at Seuss+, the choice was also a fast decision. It would be a perfect fit as the Director of Operations.

What Is Something You Find Unique About Seuss+?

As a company, everyone is focused on working together to solve challenges.

The first instinct of Seuss+, when asked for help, is to say YES. We might not know exactly how to achieve the goal, but the answer will always be yes, the fun for us lies in the complexity of the challenge.

This creates a positive and friendly environment to work in. Seuss+ is straightforward, fast, and pro-active.

Everyone is excited to work and to help each other to achieve the goals desired.

There is work pressure and time-pressure; however, this is not negative. There is a positive, encouraging tension to work hard.

Is There A Quote Or Moment You Would Like To Share About Your Time With Seuss+?

It is not really a quote, but more a word: ‘YES.’

Yes, we want to help you! Yes, we will find a solution! And yes, we will get to the result desired one way or another. I remember one time, a client asked for a specific training program for a function. We had no idea how to do this, but since we are so willing to help each other, this panic turned into creativity. In the end, the client was pleased; the employees keep learning, the adventure is still here! 

Learn more of Hellen’s expertise as Director of Operations here. 

Interested to progress your career at Seuss+?

At Seuss+, we support, inspire and challenge each other every day. No matter the project, client or task, together, we’ll boldly tackle our industries biggest challenges. 

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