Meet Alexander Deuschel: Seuss+’s New Associate Business Consultant

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January 29, 2024

A Warm Seuss+ Welcome to Alexander

Please welcome Alexander Deuschel to our team at Seuss+. As our new Associate Business Consultant, Alexander brings a focused scientific background to support our life sciences consulting services.

Let’s take a closer look at Alexander’s professional journey and what led him to join us at Seuss+.

Delving into Alexander’s Roots

Hailing from a quaint village near Nürnberg, Germany, Alexander has since made the vibrant city of Amsterdam his home. His German roots are complemented by his international exposure, adding a unique perspective to our team.

Alexander’s Professional Path

From the labs of the Rudolf Virchow Institute to the innovative corridors of Leyden Labs, Alexander’s experience has been diverse. Specializing in cancer research and the development of antiviral nasal sprays, he’s now channeling his scientific acumen into life sciences business consulting.

Why Alexander Chose Seuss+

The intricate dance of science and business drew Alexander to Seuss+. At Seuss+, he found the perfect platform to leverage his scientific insight for operational excellence in the life sciences sector. He appreciated Seuss+’s integrated approach to scientific project management and saw the potential to contribute meaningfully to our mission.

What to Expect from Alexander

Alexander’s really looking forward to working in our Vendor Selection and management services, enhancing our clients’ pre-clinical and clinical endeavors. His hands-on experience with CROs and CDMOs, paired with a strong project management background, he’s well-equipped to support our clients’ needs.

The Seuss+ Family

With a keen understanding of the scientific landscape and a practical approach to project management, Alexander is prepared to strengthen our consulting capabilities. His expertise is expected to be a solid addition to the Seuss+ team.

Join us in welcoming Alexander Deuschel to Seuss+, where he is poised to contribute his knowledge and skills. We look forward to the steady progress he will help our clients achieve.

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