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Written by Laura

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May 17, 2021

Meet Alex, Senior Business Analyst at Seuss+. Discover how Alex’s career has progressed and how he now finds himself essential in various company areas. Alex is a metaphoric octopus who lends a helping hand everywhere he can! 

Hi Alex! Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

I started at Seuss+ as an associate consultant and have progressed to senior business analyst.

I am acting as a subject matter expert for multiple client and internal projects; my role is centered around developing and sharing strategic insights and unique perspectives to help organizations solve problems faster.

A colleague once described me as the octopus in the company. I can do anything for anyone, and most importantly, I am always willing to help.


How long have you been an employee at Seuss+? 

I started working with Seuss+ in 2018.  

How did you hear about Seuss+?

Via a job board. I found the application for the job and was seeking an opportunity. I went through the interview process and was quite surprised by the fit. Even though I was also in the process of applying for another job, I choose Seuss+. They showed genuine interest, and there was this environment of transparency that I liked.  

Why do you like working with Seuss+?  

Seuss+ is hybrid.

Even though the work is analytical, everyone is a people person. I like to be surrounded by people, and relationships are essential. A positive and encouraging environment is very valuable, and building the right connections is a high necessity.  

This has been my experience since day, actually since my very first interview. You get to know each another while also delivering high-quality work.   

The environment is very open, and opinions are valued, no matter the title you have. There is no feeling of superiority. The mantra that roams the hallways is that working at Seuss+ is not a one-person job but a team effort.  

What is something you find unique about Seuss+? 

A typical consulting company has defined tasks that one needs to do. Not at Seuss+, no, you have strengths, and you should use these. There are a willingness and motivation to do more and to elaborate on your tasks if you can.  

Also, we are one team. This time, I do not want to focus on the inbound team; no, we are one team with the client. We build a relationship with them and wish to be a part of their overall growth. We try to develop this connection which makes them retain and stay with us.   

Did you experience a certain moment you would like to share?  

I remember this time 2 years ago when we had this big, respected client and we started a project regarding vendors. Not to detail, but there was this significant layer of complexity and so much work to do. The whole department stopped what they were doing to help each other. It was liberating and inspiring to see that everyone is willing to go the extra mile.  

Also, I think it’s important to mention, our repeat client rate is impressive, It’s cool and fun to see that customers grow with our help. They start collaborating with us on one project. This is a success, and they ask for help with another project. Before you know it, it’s three years later, and multiple projects we collaborated on have helped them to grow as big as they are now. This shows that building relationships is essential and that a relationship should be built on trust and mutual interest.   

Thank you Alex, our Senior Business Analyst for sharing your experiences with us!


Interested to join the Seuss+ team?

At Seuss+, we support, inspire and challenge each other every day. No matter the project, client or task, together, we’ll boldly tackle our industries biggest challenges. 

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