General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 

Implementing and maintaining General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance measures in the most pragmatic and cost-effective way.

Become and stay compliant with EU GDPR laws

Ensuring the privacy of your data subjects when processing their personal and health data is one of the most important things you must do, especially in the industry we operate in. We help you shoulder this, assessing your compliance level and advising you on needed measures to take.

Comply With EU Laws

The EU is notoriously protective of personal data privacy – our GDPR packages make sure you are and stay compliant with the laws and regulations.

Demonstrate Accountability

Enable an organizational culture where employees deal responsibly with digital systems & information, and privacy is an integral part of business processes.

Create Clarity & Transparency

We help you create clarity, transparency, and certainty to all stakeholders about how personal data is processed and protected by you.

GDPR for organizations and sponsors


GDPR is a complex and important set of rules companies need to comply with. But it often seems unclear how and what organizations can do to become and stay GDPR compliant. This is exactly where we come in to help.

Choose between two packages:

1. Internal GDPR Audit Package 

A GDPR package which identified your organization’s level of GDPR compliance.

2. GDPR Compliance For Sponsor Package

A GDPR package to apply within your organization and in relation to your clinical trials, ensuring privacy rules and regulations are adhered to when working with external vendors.

What to expect

The process of how you become and remain fully GDPR compliant and protect the data privacy of your data subjects.

Needs Assessment

We start by taking inventory of your organization’s data processing activities and define your needs, whether you are a sponsor or a vendor, and establish the project scope.

Internal GDPR Audit

We screen your existing data processes and website as well as internal documents related to GDPR, ensuring they are complete, accurate, and consistent. 

GDPR Implementation

All key stakeholders will receive a clear implementation roadmap before changes are carried out. We’ll also create awareness across your organization with a roll-out workshop.


We offer a full-service Data Protection Officer to help you implement, maintain, and enforce all necessary measures to remain GDPR compliant.

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