Empower Your Clinical Trials by Leveraging our Expertise in Vendor Selection, Management, and Negotiation

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Clinical Trials with Seuss+ Tailored Vendor Services

At Seuss+, we understand the critical importance of precise vendor interactions in the success of clinical trials. Our specialized services in Vendor Selection, Vendor Management, and Contract Negotiation are designed to streamline your processes, ensuring your trials run smoothly, stay within budget, and adhere to the highest standards of compliance.

Whether you are initiating a new trial or seeking to optimize ongoing projects, our expert team is equipped to guide you through every step, ensuring that you start strong, manage effectively, and negotiate the best possible terms. Discover how our integrated approach can transform your trial management strategy and drive your success in the competitive landscape of biotech.

Start Strong: Comprehensive Vendor Selection

Begin your clinical trials with confidence. Our Vendor Selection process ensures that every aspect of your trial is meticulously planned, from vendor compatibility to budget adherence. By choosing the right partners from the start, you ensure your project is on track, on time, and optimized for success.

Maintain Excellence: Proactive Vendor Management

Maximize the effectiveness of your vendor relationships with our Vendor Management service. We help you leverage these partnerships to their fullest potential, ensuring continuous compliance and alignment with your clinical goals. Our approach not only supports smooth operational conduct but also fortifies the integrity and reliability of your trial outcomes.

Secure the Best: Strategic Contract Negotiation

Negotiate from a position of strength. Our Contract Negotiation services empower you to secure favorable terms that safeguard your interests. We facilitate detailed agreements that include clear KPIs and metrics, ensuring that your contracts are not only effective but also measurable and aligned with your trial’s critical objectives.

Data-Informed, Relationship-Focused: Elevate Your Life Science Supplier Selection Process

As a biotech or sponsor, you likely will partner with vendors to have the data to ensure the next inflection point. But how will you ensure your trial runs smoothly, on budget, and on time? Choosing the wrong vendor isn’t just inconvenient; it can mean huge costs, missed timelines, and even the end of your clinical trial.

The best way to find the optimal partner for your trial is to undertake a comprehensive vendor selection process that begins by mapping out your risks and focuses on people, to determine the capabilities and culture you need in a vendor.

We bring a team of vendor selection experts – including data analysts, strategists, clinical experts – to take a holistic approach to vendor selection. Our vendor selection experts follow our proven and effective vendor selection process, working efficiently to help you meet the study startup timeline and enabling you to focus on what matters most: running your trial.

What you get:

  • Time to focus on your work: we deliver a fully managed process, from Alignment Meeting to Contract Negotiation
  • Data and insights that empower your decision: you get an apples-to-apples comparison in our bespoke RFP Analysis report
  • Confidence to start your partnership: our holistic process means you can rely on your decision, and we’ll deliver board-ready slides to support your choice of vendor

Whether you’re looking for a lab or logistics supplier, a specialty provider, or a full service CRO, we can support you, from alignment to award.

We conduct market scans (RFI) and supplier selections for a wide variety of organizations following a formal supplier selection process to ensure maximum quality and speed. We have experience with sourcing life science suppliers like these:

Selecting a CRO? Learn from our CEO, Kieran, about selecting the best-fit CRO for your biotech to drive success in your clinical trials.


Full service CROs


Specialty Providers


DIgital technology


Medical call center


Logistics Suppliers


CMC Suppliers


Lab Suppliers

Extend Your Team with Biotech Vendor Management Experts

65% of your trial funding goes to vendors. Shouldn’t they be managed as a priority? Seuss+ offers a dedicated team of experts to oversee your critical vendors, ensuring optimal performance, compliance, and cost-effectiveness.

We handle the complexities of vendor management so you can focus on what truly matters: advancing your clinical trial and achieving your milestones. 

We manage communication and vendor performance, and we have the tough conversations needed to resolve complex issues, to ensure your trial continues to run smoothly. We document it all thoroughly along the way, reducing the risk to successful submissions by ensuring inspection-readiness.

From CROs to specialized suppliers, we can manage all your vendors, providing ongoing support and proactive issue resolution.

With our service, you’ll get:

  • implementation and management of oversight plans
  • negotiated change orders
  • defined comprehensive KPIs and metrics
  • setup of a fit-for-purpose governance structure
  • issues are clearly escalated, any actions are communicated to all parties
  • comprehensive compliance documentation including meeting minutes
  • a comprehensive and tailored oversight model and toolkit
vendor management

How Seuss+ Supports Biotechs and Sponsors with Vendor Oversight

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Our vendor management services seamlessly integrate with your clinical trial governance structure.

We provide comprehensive oversight, ensure compliance, and mitigate risks at every stage of the vendor relationship.

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We go beyond contract management.

We foster strong partnerships, facilitate transparent communication, and proactively address issues to keep your trial running smoothly.

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Our expertise extends beyond vendor management.

We offer additional services such as financial tracking, budget management, and change order negotiation to ensure your trial stays on track and within budget.

Why Centralizing Vendor Oversight is a Strategic Imperative for Small Biotech

Get value from your contract negotiations

We orchestrate a dedicated purpose-built multidisciplinary team of life science subject matter experts to help you to execute contract negotiations between selected vendors for your biotech.

We ensure that you maximize your leverage and value throughout your contract discussions with a new partner. We make sure your negotiation is a success, coordinating and supporting you throughout your contract discussions with your new partner.

With our process, you’ll get:

  • the elusive win-win agreement that minimizes risk and is owned by all parties
    strategy on key milestones, KPIs, and payment structure so procurement doesn’t act as a policing mechanism
  • build and maintain the relationship with your vendor, while we challenge the assumptions and commercial terms
  • our experiences and data-driven insights for optimal agreements and effective implementation
Contract negotiation

Sponsor-focused Master Service Agreement (MSA) and Start-up-Agreement (SUA) templates

Change the rules of the game. Use our SUA/MSA templates which include Sponsor-friendly terms and conditions to give you the upperhand in negotiations and shorten the negotiation timelines.  

    • You will not miss any relevant term or condition
    • The templates only include what is relevant to you
    • Start off the negotiations with friendly terms and conditions
    • Get the upper hand on the negotiations
    • Spend less time and money (legal and business fees) reviewing your contracts
    • It is easier to train new team members as the starting point is always the same.
    • It will reduce variability when you work with different Legal counselors (i.e. each one has their own style)

    Dissecting the Weaknesses of Contracts in Drug Development between Sponsors and Suppliers


    Seuss+’s CRO and vendor selection services include facilitation of the entire process, using a formal selection process and each offering uniquely contigured to each client’s specific vendor requirements and project objectives. Here are some related services:

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