A Systematic Framework for CRO Selection for Biotechs

In this webinar, you will learn about selecting the best-fit CRO for your biotech company to drive success in your clinical trials.


Here is what you’ll learn


How to create the vision of your ideal CRO for your clinical trials

We’ll teach you how to analyze your needs and culture in-depth to create the vision of the CRO that aligns with your company. You’ll learn techniques that will help you determine and measure the professional and personal traits the ideal candidate should have. 


Techniques to promote and maintain Team Alignment

Team Alignment is a key but usually underestimated step in CRO Selection. There must be an internal understanding before including a CRO in the project. We’ll provide you with the necessary tools to ensure an efficient Team Alignment within your company. 


How to have a Structured Process

Having a Structured Process is essential if you want to do things right and in time. We’ll help you understand your resources and use them most efficiently through the process of CRO Selection. 


The ins and outs of RFP Creation

During this webinar, we’ll show you our approach to RFP Creation. We created a much more data-driven process to make it easier to compare candidates’ answers measurably. 


How to anticipate and mitigate risks in your clinical trials

Thanks to the Risk Assessment technique, you’ll learn how to select the CRO that is your best fit based on how they could help identify potential risks or mitigate real ones.  

Meet the speaker

About Kieran Canisius

About Kieran Canisius


Kieran Canisius brings more than 18 years of industry experience to the table. She built an organization that leads by example, bringing together regulatory, growth, clinical, and subject matter experts at the forefront of their life science specialties to energetically support clients in overcoming challenges and find new strategies for success. Her passion for diversity and empathy in business brings new approaches to traditional life science consulting and organizational development.

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