Learning & Development: Critical Elements to Achieve Success for Small and Growing Biotechs

In this webinar, you will learn about the rise of learning and development programs and the impact that can be achieved within biotechs.

Here is what you’ll learn


Why is it important for Biotechs to have Learning & Development (L&D) programs?

We’ll give you an in-depth explanation of why Biotechs constantly need to innovate: to meet the market’s demands, actively identify and address patients’ unmet needs. 


The impact of L&D for Biotechs

You’ll learn how targeted L&D programs change your organization’s mindset, leading to a culture of continuous learning, growth, innovation, and cross-functional collaboration. 


A practical example: the uniQure story

We are not talking theory, we take you on the journey of uniQure, a global leader in gene therapy. Discover how their learning and development program led to an efficient speed-to-market pathway to drive products through the pipeline into the clinic. 


Why should other Biotechs follow uniQure’s steps?

Continuous learning, growth and improvement are critical for the success of any company, but specifically for those of the life science sector. We won’t tell you what the benefits and positive impact of our L&D programs are, but one of our clients will. 

Meet the speakers

About Kieran Canisius

About Kieran Canisius


Kieran brings more than 18 years of industry experience to the table. With Seuss+, she built an organization that leads by example, bringing together regulatory, growth, clinical and subject matter experts at the forefront of their life science specialties to energetically support their clients in overcoming challenges and find new strategies for success.

Her passion for diversity and empathy in business brings new approaches to traditional life science consulting and organizational development.

About Lilly Burggraaf

About Lilly Burggraaf

Vice President Global Human Resources

Lilly is a focused Human Resources Business Partner with more than 20 years of experience combining project management, change management, learning and development, and employee relations expertise to improve processes and streamline HR operations in global demanding services environments over multiple jurisdictions in multiple countries.

She is an exceptional team builder applying motivation and teamwork skills to ensure organizational objectives are met.

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