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Business Consultants

Discover and meet our expert life science Business Consultants here at Seuss+, global life science consultancy helping businesses evolve.

Tobias Rawson

Hailing from a clinical background with additional experience in EMEA medical affairs, Tobias brings a wealth of industry knowledge that is accompanied by clinical insight.

Jane Winter

Jane uses her extensive global Pharma Executive experience to support, design, and implement strategies that deliver results and develop organizations. She blends a commercial mindset and practical experience to guide organizations for growth.

Alexander Deuschel

Alexander brings a background in biochemistry, combined with adept project management skills to cultivate lasting business relationships and meaningful impact in client projects. 

Siti Roba’ah Restuningrum

Siti is passionate, conscientious and a cooperative team player who has a background in digital strategy and consultancy with a this of knowledge in the Life Science industry.

Lauren Alani

Lauren is passionate about how digital innovations can make clinical trials more efficient, effective, and engaging. Using her extensive experience in business development, she communicates value to facilitate impactful change.

Lizzie Evans

With an impressive background within the legal industry and as a qualified solicitor, Lizzie brings her project management, contract negotiation and relationship management expertise to the Seuss+ team.

Niamh Bresnihan

With over 25 years of experience working in CROs and Pharma companies, Niamh has a wealth of experience in clinical research having worked extensively in site management, project management and more recently in alliance and strategic leadership

Zsofia Kis

Zsofia is passionate about creating diverse but aligned teams & partnerships that allow individuals to thrive professionally and personally.

Özlem Kocaağaoğlu

Özlem is a former pharmacist with research qualifications and business management knowledge focused on improving business with analytical skills and dedication to obtain the best possible outcome.

Anna Mirnaya

Anna's versatile, creative and scientific approach supports organizations to improve business performance and maximize growth.

Nicolyn Liebenberg

Nicolyn is an impressive international business consultant focused on using data and critical thinking to help organizations make well-informed, better decisions.

Vanessa Döring

Vanessa is a researcher at heart, constantly searching for understanding; she deep-dives into challenges uncovering the complexities and finding unique solutions.

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