Bridging the Leadership-Learn Gap – A Fireside Conversation with Seuss+ Leaders

We are going to tackle the questions you want answered in 2024 including trends and strategies for Culture-Driven Leadership and Development

This engaging session is designed to provide HR professionals and corporate leaders with practical strategies to foster a culture of continuous learning and adaptability.


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May 7, 2024

3:30pm CEST

About the Webinar

Dive into the dynamic world of learning and development with us.

Leadership and learning development (L&D) are pivotal in nurturing a company culture that champions growth and adaptability. In ‘Bridging the Leadership-Learn Gap: A Fireside Conversation on Culture-Driven L&D,’ join Seuss+ CEO Kieran Canisius and Director of Group Services Susan Braakman for an engaging Fireside Chat as they tackle the most critical questions they hear from global HR leaders in 2024.

They will explore the connection between leadership development and organizational culture. This fireside chat will uncover trends and insights to embed Learning and Development (L&D) into your company’s DNA and result in real change.

This engaging session is designed to provide HR professionals and corporate leaders with practical insights and strategies to foster a culture of continuous learning and adaptability.

    Key Benefits for Attendees:

    Attendees will:

    • Learn how to align L&D with leadership to drive meaningful cultural change.
    • Gain insights on tailoring L&D strategies that resonate with corporate objectives.
    • Discover the role of leadership in championing and sustaining L&D initiatives.
    • Uncover the steps to transform training programs into behavior-changing experiences.
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    Kieran Canisius, Speaker
    CEO and Co-Founder

    Meet our experts

    Gain insights from Kieran Canisius and Susan Braakman, seasoned leaders in transforming organizational learning and development for life science companies.

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    Susan Braakman, Speaker
    Director of Group Services

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who will benefit from attending this webinar?

    HR executives, L&D managers, and organizational leaders from life science companies looking to create impactful L&D programs and align them with leadership vision.

    What will I learn about leadership’s role in L&D?

    You’ll explore how leaders can serve as catalysts for L&D initiatives and how their support is essential in cultivating a culture of learning.

    What will I learn about embedding L&D into company culture?

    In this webinar, you’ll learn about practical methods for integrating L&D deeply into your organization’s fabric, ensuring it becomes a cornerstone of your company culture and drives sustainable growth.

    Can I apply these strategies to my organization?

    Absolutely. Our experts will provide scalable strategies and tailor-made approaches that you can apply to organizations of any size.

    Will the webinar address how to measure the impact of L&D programs?

    Yes, we will discuss how to set measurable objectives and evaluate the success of your L&D efforts.

    Is there a cost to attend this webinar?

    The webinar is complimentary. We believe in sharing knowledge to foster industry-wide growth.

    How can aligning L&D with leadership benefit my organization in biotech or pharma?

    Aligning L&D with leadership strategies ensures that development initiatives are directly tied to your organization’s goals, enhancing team performance, innovation, and adaptability in the fast-paced biotech and pharma industries.

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