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Written by Kieran Canisius

Kieran brings together vendors, investors, growth, clinical and subject matter experts at the forefront of their life science specialties to energetically support clients in overcoming their challenges and find new strategies for success.

November 25, 2022

CRO or vendor selection is a critical process for growing and evolving Biotechs. However, it’s also highly complex. If the company stumbles during the crucial vendor selection process, this can quickly derail or delay a project. The key is perfecting the challenging process from the offset, but this requires expertise. 

In our experience, it’s worth the trouble. Staring strong will build the foundation for a positive supplier relationship that will support your project and your organization in the long run.

At Seuss+, we have been performing successful CRO and Vendor Selections for over a decade. 

Our Life Science experts share their insights to help you reap the benefits. We’ve pulled together some of the best blogs that uncover the hidden complexities in the world of vendor selection for clinical trials.

Great resources for Biotech’s looking to run successful clinical trials

1. How to avoid delays in clinical trials

In this article, discover how you can avoid clinical trial delays by uncovering the hidden complexities in the vendor selection process first.

Read The Blog Here

This article answers some really great questions, including:

  • What are the steps in the supplier selection process?
  • The vendor selection framework uncovered.
  • What criteria to consider when selecting a CRO or vendor.
  • What is a vendor (evaluation) matrix?
  • How to successfully evaluate a CRO

Life Science Cro And Vendor Selection 1

2. Webinar: CRO and Vendor Selection questions answered

Seuss+ Life Science experts utilize the investigative power of Google and answer the top searches on CRO and Vendor selection. Discover everything from the criteria frameworks and process stages.

Watch The Webinar Here

Life Science Cro And Vendor Selection Webinar 1

3. When the right people come together in one room

Seuss+ CEO, Kieran Canisius, discusses the challenges and impact of vendor selection in the Life Sciences.

Discover why the vendor selection process should be viewed as a critical opportunity to view the overall impact or risks suppliers can have when helping to bring products to the market.

Read It Here

Life Science Cro And Vendor Selection 3

4. Finding a CRO with the Right Cultural Fit

There are lots of factors to consider when selecting a CRO partner, from capabilities and experience to costs and competitiveness, in this article, we uncover critical aspects youshouldn’t forget to consider when selecting a CRO for your clinical trials.

Read The Blog Here

Life Science Cro And Vendor Selection 4

5. Webinar: Biotech best Practices for CRO Selection

Get powerful and actionable insights on selecting the best-fit CRO for your Biotech.

Watch The Webinar Here

Life Science Cro And Vendor Selection Webinar 2

Expert Life Science Consulting

At Seuss+, we focus on helping biotechnology organizations navigate the complexities of CRO and Vendor selection with ease, confidence, and success.

If your organization is lost in the maze of executing a vendor selection for your clinical trial, we’re here to help.

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