Women on Boards Executive Program

Lead the change in board diversity


Diversify Your Board

Having a diverse board is not about filling quotas, it is about creating a rich, inclusive, and diverse environment.

Diversity in your board has many benefits including attracting and maintaining talented employees, increasing creativity and profitability. The cost of inaction in today’s world will impact the success of an organization.

We are inspired to be part of the change and have created a comprehensive program that cultivates board room expertise and knowledge, while developing effective directors. We support gender equality by creating a pipeline of female board candidates that bolster board-inclusion and grow life-science companies.

Our mission is to connect organizations with highly successful women who have industry-specific corporate experience, as well as support them in maintaining valuable succession pipelines.



Boost Gender Equality at the Highest Level in Your Organization

Talent Training 

Fast track your own talented individuals and equip them to become board ready.


Access to Talent Pool

Gain access to a pool of highly skilled female executives that are ready to join your board.


Industry Leader 

Become an industry leader by demonstrating your commitment to developing a diverse talent pool.


Talent Retention

Increase talent retention through clear development opportunities within your organization.


What Others Say

“The team stands way above dozens of others (both small and big) we have worked with before, and we are very impressed with the their professionalism, attitude, support, and assistance they’ve been giving us along the way.”


“The team gets it. They have a unique ability to understand an organization through its culture, people and market presence and then coach and guide relevant candidates as they evaluate their career choices.“


“We were impressed with the warm and engaging yet professional way Sabine Hutchison and her team handled us as a client and communicated with the candidates. This allowed her to find the best possible candidates for the positions we needed.”


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