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Valuable Insights

Our white paper that was co-created with our member company, Zocket, shows what your candidates really think about their experience while considering and applying to work for you.

Our research indicates that the candidate experience is an area where we as companies have heaps to improve. In many industries, competition for talent is described as a war and millions are spent on advertising and attracting new talent to companies, yet we often do not spend the same amount of effort in making the application process seamless and welcoming.

Download our white paper and gain valuable insight into your candidates’ journey, bottlenecks that might appear in your application process and a list of recommendations to improve their experience with your company.


Importance of Candidate Experience

Impact of Candidate Experience

Research shows that 60% of all candidates had a poor experience. And 80% would be highly discouraged to apply again at the same company after such a bad experience.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

It is important to imagine yourself in the candidates’ shoes and find the flaws and biases in the current application system to attract and retain the best talent.

Insights You Need Now

Get valuable insights about the importance of the experiences your candidates have with your company

What Others Say

“In my opinion, your strong points are really deep dive into the essence of what your customer is doing, understanding of the details at the same time and skill (or ability) to look at it from the other angle of vision, to notice something even missed by the customer himself, and to describe it in a fresh way. I see these as a core of your business model. And that is really, really great!”

Managing Director at CRO

“We were very much impressed with the knowledge, professionalism and the positive energy of everyone we worked with. And working together was fun! Even when some of the results we received may have been hard to stomach, they managed to pinpoint the exact issue, and provide clear guidance as to how to fix it.”

“Every company needs a “reality check”, no matter how great you are doing, or think you are doing. An independent assessment of the Candidate Experience, such as Zocket provides really help you look at what you do with the eyes of the candidate, build on and grow what you are doing right, and identify issues before they become problems. We will be thrilled to repeat the experience in a year’s time and see how well we would do this time, and would strongly recommend the service for anyone and everyone!”

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