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Last week, the Seuss+ team eagerly awaited the launch of the second live webinar in our new Biotech series, Seuss+ Talks. Did you tune in?

The second episode in our new Seuss+ Talks series discussed the Top 5 Best Practices for Life-Science Marketing! Our very own CEO Kieran Canisius hosted the webinar together with our Director of Marketing, Gina Dunn.

If you missed it, don’t worry. We have a free replay available for you here.




We caught up with Kieran and Gina after the webinar to hear their thoughts.

Behind the Scenes

What was your goal going into the webinar?

Kieran: “To explain our practical learnings of what works in life-science marketing. I am a businesswoman and entrepreneur in the life sciences industry, and therefore, I think and feel the same way my clients do about marketing. I have learned through working with Gina and successfully growing multiple companies and clients, that marketing is crucial to achieving commercial goals. I wanted to share those lessons with those who sit in founder/CEO roles and are sceptical of marketing.”

Gina: “To bring marketing and branding together with the life-science niche to help companies in this industry grow. It’s essential that biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies recognize that having a brand is just as important in their industry as it is in others that traditionally put more of a focus on marketing and branding.”

How was the experience hosting a live webinar?

Kieran: “The feedback from the attendees was good, and because webinars are a relatively new medium for us, it’s important that the audience actually learns something. Although new and therefore not always comfortable, it is a lot of fun to host a webinar, as it feels somehow like giving back by sharing knowledge and lessons learned with the largest possible audience.”

Gina: “It was a very different experience for me being behind a camera instead of a crowd of real people. Having a topic that I could discuss for hours with Kieran was difficult to focus down into 45 minutes, but the challenge was fun and exciting!”

What do you hope that people take away from the webinar?

Kieran: “That marketing is not just a ‘nice to have’ but a necessity to achieve commercial and sustainable growth.”

Gina: “We are hoping that people realize the importance of having a strong brand foundation and approaching their strategy holistically. Branding is not just a set of tactics, it is a culminating strategy that connects all of the dots.”

Are you interested in boosting your own marketing? Discover the essentials in the webinar replay.



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