Webinar: 5 Steps to Create a Winning Online Candidate Experience 

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Is Their Experience Truly Authentic?

Finding the right talent when there’s a shortage is one thing. But did you know that the way you handle candidates online can affect your business future? Our webinar gives you all the details about how to create a winning online candidate experience in 5 easy steps.

Keeping the talent you recruited happy shouldn’t start on the day they sign the contract. It should start in the application process.

With 75% of candidates never hearing back with the results of their application, and 22% spreading the word about their experience and telling others not to apply, it’s time to look at the whole process and make some informed changes.

About the Host

Kieran Canisius

Co-Founder & CEO Seuss+

Kieran brings 16 years of industry experience to the table. Her work experiences include leadership and business development roles for leading CROs. Previously, she provided life-science clients with guidance and expertise in strategy. Her affinity for helping companies bridge the gap from North America to Europe makes her an expert in this field. She knows what it takes to grow life-science companies achieve concrete goals.


Our 5 Steps Focus On:

Assessing Your Status-Quo

What are you doing right now? What is going well and what should you stop doing immediately?


What are your values and purpose? It must be easy to find, understand and emotionally connect to.


Are your candidates able to sense your authentic culture? Learn how to match the promise to the reality.


Discover how to align your employer brand, purpose, values + culture and blaze it across all your channels.



It’s all about simplicity and valuing the time of your candidates.

What Others Say

“We were truly amazed how clearly many of the issues we knew about, but did not share with the team prior to the assessment, were identified and pinpointed. We were very grateful to see quite a few ideas that simply did not come to our mind, but made total sense once they pointed them out to us.”

“Every company needs a “reality check”, no matter how great you are doing, or think you are doing. An independent assessment of the Candidate Experience really helps you look at what you do with the eyes of the candidate, build on and grow what you are doing right, and identify issues before they become problems. We will be thrilled to repeat the experience in a year’s time and see how well we would do this time, and would strongly recommend the service for anyone and everyone!”

“Working together was a very rewarding experience. Everything they touched turned into gold! They could see some challenges even before we realized they existed, the data they provided was clear, concise, and very helpful. And for fear of repeating ourselves – we really enjoyed working together.”

We Deliver High-Impact Results.