Webinar: 5 Steps to Create a Robust Recruitment Process

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Implement a robust recruitment process

Recruiting can be unpredictable and challenging from time to time, especially in the search of best-fit talent.

It starts from understanding your company and talents’ needs, finding the right candidates (at the right time), winning the attention of high-demand candidates, uncovering cultural fit, negotiating the right terms, and much more.

Replay this webinar to gain actionable insights into the steps you should take to create a robust recruitment process for your life science company. 

About the hosts


Sabine Hutchison

CEO & co-founder, Seuss+

Sabine, the founder of multiple businesses, began Seuss+ with the mission to reframe the life sciences industry.

A chemist by trade, she had been a life-science professional and expert consultant for more than 20 years. She has made life-changing career placements for candidates ranging from Project Manager to CEO.

Susan Braakman

Director of Group Services, Seuss+

Susan has over 17 years of experience in the recruitment industry and as Director of Group Services, she is passionate about optimizing workflows, systems and processes. She has implemented workflows specifically for recruitment and it showed a great difference in how efficient and clear it was for the people involved in the process.

Key take-aways from the webinar

Job Intake

You’ll learn about the essential parts of a job intake to create the best “matchmaking” strategy target to the needs of your organization and team.

Interview Phase

Interviews are all about asking the right questions, and we dig deep to discover and identify the best-fit candidates. We’ll explain how to best structure your interview and the right questions to ask.

Personality & Skill Assessment

You’ll discover how to add a little bit of science to your recruitment process by using role-specific assessment tools to find the right cultural & personality fit between your company and talent.

Uncovering Talent

We’ll help you become creative hunters by enabling technologies, smart online searches and effectively tapping into your network to find the best-fit candidate.

Offer Phase & Negotiations

Learn how to maintain the momentum and how to “stay on top of the end game”. What actions should be undertaken while adjusting, sending and negotiating the offer. Remembering time is the essence.

What others say

“They have a unique ability to understand an organization through its culture, people and market presence and then coach and guide relevant candidates as they evaluate their career choices. “

Vice President of Global Development at Specialty Supplier

“We were impressed with the warm and engaging yet professional way the team handled us as a client and communicated with the candidates”

Chief Executive Officer at CRO

“The team stands way above dozens of others (both small and big) we have worked with before, and we are very impressed with the team’s professionalism, attitude, support, and assistance they’ve been giving us along the way.”

Director Training & Resourcing at CRO

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