Webinar: Top 5 Best Practices in CRO Selection for Biotech

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What’s in it for you?

In this webinar our CEO, Kieran Canisius, wants to share actionable insights about selecting the best-fit CRO for your biotech company.

Infusing these 5 best practices into your current process will enable you to identify the best-fit CRO and architect a trust-based way of collaborating with partners. This nurtures a common purpose culture, honesty and compliance in practice, helping all the parties feel in control and focus on what drives success across the life cycle of the clinical trial.

About the Host

Kieran Canisius

Co-Founder & CEO Seuss+

Kieran brings 16 years of industry experience to the table. Her work experiences include leadership and business development roles for leading CROs. Previously, she provided life-science clients with guidance and expertise in strategy. Her affinity for helping companies bridge the gap from North America to Europe makes her an expert in this field. She knows what it takes to grow life-science companies achieve concrete goals.


Top 5 Best Practices in CRO Selection for Biotech


Define yourself and identify your trusted partner.

Team Alignment

Understand each others needs and problems to create trust and strength.

Structured Process

Define the facts and then follow your feelings.

Positioning + Branding

Look to the future and realize what can go wrong and how to handle it.

RFP with Clear Comparison

Create a RFP with comparable data.

What Others Say

“Seuss+ was more than 100% engaged in setting up a very professional vendor selection process. The thorough preparation based upon a very pleasant collaborative interaction and a good understanding of the clinical operational field, as well as a rigid follow-up during the process, resulted in a strong evidence-based decision for selecting the final vendor.”

Chief Medical Officer at Biotechnology Company


“In the space they operate in, Seuss+ is knowledgeable and connected. Their style is inclusive, interactive and positive. I highly recommend them.” 

Chief Executive Officer at CRO


“Their combination of deep industry experience, operational knowledge combined with an excellent network to draw upon allowed us to make the final vendor selection decision on a very strong and thoughtful decision foundation.”

Chief Medical Officer at Gene Therapy Company


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