Webinar: Top 5 Best Practices for Life-Science Marketing

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What’s in it for you?

This webinar helps you define the path to build a solid brand strategy for your life-science company. You’ll leave with actionable insights into the ideal branding and website best practices that will improve your revenue and reach.

Learn from our CEO, Kieran Canisius, and Director of Marketing, Gina Dunn and three inevitable topics:


  • marketing
  • brand
  • life science 

About the Hosts

Kieran Canisius

Co-Founder & CEO Seuss+

Kieran brings 16 years of industry experience to the table. Her work experiences include leadership and business development roles for leading CROs. Previously, she provided life-science clients with guidance and expertise in strategy. Her affinity for helping companies bridge the gap from North America to Europe makes her an expert in this field. She knows what it takes to grow life-science companies achieve concrete goals.

Gina Dunn

Director of Marketing Seuss+

Gina is  is an entrepreneur, brand expert, and the Director of Marketing here at Seuss+. She has a passion for helping people create and reinvent remarkable brands. With over 15 years of experience in the marketing industry, Gina brings exceptionally vast knowledge to the table. She is an expert at crafting relatable brands and marketing materials that lead to conversion.


Learn How to Boost Your Marketing With a Strong Brand + Marketing Strategy


It all starts with intimately knowing your audience. We’ll show you how to identify the important pieces of who, what, why and where?


We explain how you can find and reach your audience by mapping the right channel in your marketing.


With many different options out there, how do you differentiate yourself from your competitors to be the first choice?

Link Sales to Marketing

Diving into the process and metrics suitable for your business, we show you how to convert your leads into customers.

What Others Say

“The team of Seuss+ is like a breath of fresh air that was necessary to clear out our scientific minds during the Sales Effectiveness workshop. n the space they operate in, Seuss+ are knowledgeable and connected. Their style is inclusive, interactive and positive. I highly recommend them.” 

Chief Executive Officer at CRO


“In my opinion, your strong points are really deep dive into the essence of what your customer is doing, understanding of the details at the same time and skill (or ability) to look at it from the other angle of vision, to notice something even missed by the customer himself, and to describe it in a fresh way. I see these as a core of your business model. And that is really, really great!”

Managing Director at CRO

“When your company wants to be successful in the life-science industry, Seuss+ is your perfect partner. With their in-depth knowledge of the international life-science industry, they rebranded GCP Central for global expansion. In a smoothly run project, they set up and structured our marketing activities to get our message to the right target audiences. They are professionals who deliver high-quality work in a short time, while being fun to work with.”

Marieke Meulemans, Chief Executive Officer at GCP Central

We Help You to Scale Your Life-Science Company.