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5 Best Practices CRO Selection Biotech

5 Best Practices for Life-Science Marketing

Robust Recruitment Process

5-Steps Create Winning Online Candidate Experience

Build a Brand, Not Just a Business

Seuss+ Talks XIII

Using the CAPA Process to Prevent Problems and Mitigate Risks in Your Life-Science Business

Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA).

In this webinar, hosted by Hellen, Director of Operations at Seuss+, you will learn about the CAPA process, and how this process helps you to better plan for the future, especially in these uncertain times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, by looking, investigating, and analyzing the past.

Seuss+ Talks XII

The Long-Term Impact of COVID-19 On Clinical Trials

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up how clinical trials are working around the world. It is time for straight talk around practical and innovative approaches that should remain in force post-COVID 19 restrictions as they ensure compliance, patient wellbeing and keeping trials moving forward with more efficiency.

Join Kieran Canisius (CEO Seuss+), Vivienne van de Walle (Investigator and co-founder of PT&R), Nicole Stansbury (Vice President, Global Centralized Monitoring at Syneos Health), and Wanda Meijst (Director Clinical Operations at Siron Clinical) in this exclusive webinar.

Seuss+ Talks XI

Hiring and Onboarding New Staff Virtually in Corona Times

In times of social distancing, many life-science companies are questioning their recruitment and hiring process. In this webinar, hosted by Sabine and Susan dive into the strategic decision-making process of hiring and onboarding in times of crisis.

Webinar participants will walk away with practical tips and tricks to decide whether it is the right time to hire, recruiting virtually, and how to create a great new-hire experience from a distance.

Seuss+ Talks X

Computerized System Validation in Clinical Research 101: an insightful webinar based on GCP Central’s own validation experience

Validation of software ensures that clinical data generated by these systems is done in a structured way and ensures integrity, reliability, and robustness of the generated data.

In this webinar, Marieke, CEO of GCP Central, gives an introduction to the concept of validation for computerized systems in clinical research. She will explain the requirements for validation, who is responsible and when it is necessary. You will gain the tools to either manage the validation process of your own system or make the right considerations when selecting software for your clinical trials.

Seuss+ Talks IX

Your Brand Needs TLC Too: Taking Care of Yourself and Your Brand During the Corona Crisis

Even though our world is turbulent with many changes, and in some ways fear is taking over – in this webinar, Gina talks about ways to look after your brand and yourself as a buy entrepreneur in the current climate.

It’s so important, though, to not let these restrictions and changes make us think that we can’t adapt.

It’s about making necessary changes and adaptations to our lives that can take our brands and ourselves forward in a positive way!

Seuss+ Talks VIII

Clinical Trials During Corona: A Risk-Based Approach in the Interest of Patients and Data

Hospitals are over-burdened and people have to stay home as much as possible. How are we dealing with study visits and other aspects of the trials?

This webinar sheds light on a risk-based approach to ongoing trials and the international guidance that has been released, to protect trial subjects as much as possible and limit the damage to ongoing trials as much as possible.

Seuss+ Talks VII

Personal Branding: Create Your Plan, Promote Your Brand

This one-hour webinar dives into the importance of personal branding and the impact it has on your career.

You’ll discover examples and exercises of how to identify, activate, and live your own unique brand, and how it will positively impact your career path.

Seuss+ Talks VI

Drive Better Quality Clinical Research with Continuous Learning

Continuous learning is the way of the future. Utilizing this innovative learning method means higher learning retention, reducing time and money spent on retraining, and reduces the risk of non-compliance with knowledge that is continuously updated. If you want to learn how your company can drive better clinical research through embracing the future of e-learning, this webinar is for you. Explore how your company can respond faster and more flexibly to industry changes with host Marieke Meulemans of GCP Central, a member of the Seuss+ Collective.

Seuss+ Talks V

Build a Brand, Not Just a Business

You may not realize how crucial your brand is to your business. Did you know that brand-led businesses outperform their competition by 83%? Your brand is much more than just a logo or your color palette… In this Masterclass episode, Gina teaches you: how to bring clarity to all the ideas jumbled up in your head, what a brand strategy is and how it relates to your business, mapping out and walk-through of her brand canvas, her top secrets to building an outstanding brand, and practical tips and tricks to live your remarkable brand.

Seuss+ Talks IV

5 Steps to Create a Winning Online Candidate Experience

Finding the right talent when there’s a shortage is one thing. But did you know that the way you handle candidates online can affect your business future? Our webinar gives you all the details about how to create a winning online candidate experience in 5 easy steps.

Keeping the talent you recruited happy shouldn’t start on the day they sign the contract. It should start in the application process.

Seuss+ Talks III

5 Steps to Create a Robust Recruitment Process

Recruiting can be unpredictable and challenging from time to time, especially in the search of best-fit talent. It starts from understanding your company and talents’ needs, finding the right candidates (at the right time), winning the attention of high-demand candidates, uncovering cultural fit, negotiating the right terms, and much more.

Replay this webinar to gain actionable insights into the 5 Steps to Create a Robust Recruitment Process which you can implement straight away.

Seuss+ Talks II

5 Best Practices for Life-Science Marketing

This webinar helps you define the path to build a solid brand strategy for your life science company. You’ll leave with actionable insights into the ideal branding and website best practices that will improve your revenue and reach.

Learn from our CEO, Kieran Canisius, and Director of Marketing, Gina Dunn.

    Seuss+ Talks I

    5 Best Practices in CRO Selection for Biotech

    In this webinar our CEO, Kieran Canisius, wants to share actionable insights about selecting the best-fit CRO for your biotech company.

    Infusing these 5 best practices into your current process will enable you to identify the best-fit CRO and architect a trust-based way of collaborating with partners. This nurtures a common purpose culture, honesty and compliance in practice, helping all the parties feel in control and focus on what drives success across the life cycle of the clinical trial.

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