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Regular and insightful industry webinar series.

Webinar: Learning & Development – Critical Elements to Achieve Success for Small and Growing Biotechs

This webinar, hosted by Kieran Canisius, CEO, and co-founder of Seuss+, and Lilly Burggraaf, Vice President Global Human Resources at uniQure, discusses the rise of learning & development programs and the impact that can be achieved within biotechs. They are not talking theory, they take you on the journey of uniQure, a global leader in gene therapy.

Webinar: Using the CAPA Process to Prevent Problems and Mitigate Risks in Your Life-Science Business

Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA).

In this webinar, hosted by Hellen, Director of Operations at Seuss+, you will learn about the CAPA process and how this process helps you to better plan for the future, especially in these uncertain times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, by looking, investigating, and analyzing the past.

Webinar: Hiring and Onboarding New Staff Virtually in Corona Times

In times of social distancing, many life-science companies are questioning their recruitment and hiring process. In this webinar, hosted by Sabine and Susan dive into the strategic decision-making process of hiring and onboarding in times of crisis.

Webinar participants will walk away with practical tips and tricks to decide whether it is the right time to hire, recruiting virtually, and how to create a great new-hire experience from a distance.

Webinar: Personal Branding Create Your Plan, Promote Your Brand

This one-hour webinar dives into the importance of personal branding and the impact it has on your career.

You’ll discover examples and exercises of how to identify, activate, and live your own unique brand, and how it will positively impact your career path.

Webinar: 5 Steps to Create a Robust Recruitment Process

Recruiting can be unpredictable and challenging from time to time, especially in the search of best-fit talent. It starts from understanding your company and talents’ needs, finding the right candidates (at the right time), winning the attention of high-demand candidates, uncovering cultural fit, negotiating the right terms, and much more.

Replay this webinar to gain actionable insights into the 5 Steps to Create a Robust Recruitment Process which you can implement straight away.

Webinar: 5 Best Practices in CRO Selection for Biotech

In this webinar our CEO, Kieran Canisius, wants to share actionable insights about selecting the best-fit CRO for your biotech company.

Infusing these 5 best practices into your current process will enable you to identify the best-fit CRO and architect a trust-based way of collaborating with partners. This nurtures a common purpose culture, honesty and compliance in practice, helping all the parties feel in control and focus on what drives success across the life cycle of the clinical trial.

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