Scale-Up Recruitment

We help you navigate your next phase of growth. Our dedicated and comprehensive talent acquisition solutions enable your rapid growth trajectory.


We stand beside your life science organization to drive employee hiring, develop internal HR processes, and place right employees with the right skills and culture fit to successfully drive your growth phase. 

You’ll get the speed of an agency and stability of an in-house recruitment team in one service to help you with global expansion, staff sourcing, hiring process, and HR and infrastructure support when you need it.

Life Science Expertise

Your business operates in a heavily regulated ecosystem, and you need employees with very particular skillsets. Our executive search and talent acquisition experts speak the language of science and know how to find  the talents you need.

Capitalize On Our Network

We’re connected to a vast network of life science professionals and industry leaders – and we want you to use it to your advantage. Capitalize on our network to reduce your time-to-hire and bring in the talents who move your company forward.

We build “Fit For Purpose”

Our team takes the time to thoroughly understand your business, priorities, and requirements to offer a flexible and agile approach to your scaling needs, freeing up your time so you can focus on what you do best.   

Close the talent gap and sustain your business growth

By embracing diversity and inclusion and behavioral parameters as your competitive advantage, we place talents who drive innovation and fit best into your company culture. For this, we can support you with three different services:

  • Executive Recruitment
  • Scale-up Recruitment
  • Interim Consultants

We understand your industry and know how to find the experts you need in research, safety, pharmacovigilance, medical & regulatory affairs, production & quality, marketing & sales, and more.

We manage the full recruitment cycle and help you set up and manage the tools to attract, engage, and retain your talent to successfully grow your business.

Meet Our Recruitment Consultants

Our experts in recruitment, executive search, and talent acquisition are dedicated to strengthening and supporting your life science company with the talent you need to scale successfully.

What to expect

We support you in finding your right candidates at the right time to enable tremendous growth. But, we go a step further than traditional recruitment agencies. We look beyond the job demands, creating the perfect match for your team and company culture.

We support you in finding best fit candidates for your roles – here’s how we find the best talent.

Job Intake

We take the time to thoroughly understand your business needs, role requirements, and team structures to form the basis of our matchmaking strategy.


Uncovering Talent

We utilize our network, video job descriptions, sourcing and campaign strategies to reach candidates and making them excited about your company and job.

Recruitment Matching

We use our behavioral assessment tool to construct a framework that aids in hiring best-fit candidates for your role, team and organization.

Interview Phase

Effective interviews are all about asking the right questions. Ours are based on our behavioral assessment framework, tailored to target the traits your team needs.

Offer & Contract Negotiations

We handle the administrative details: checking references, sending offers on time, and helping you come to an agreement that makes everyone happy.

Human Resource Support

When in need of specific HR expertise, from employee contracts, to onboarding, country-specific guidelines, admin and legal services,  we build and implement systems and tools to complement your HR processes.