Authentic Recruiting

Matching life-science professionals with pharma and biotech companies


Build Lasting Relationships

We build strong and lasting relationships with candidates and clients. And we know that you need the right team to make your big plans happen.

We believe in genuine pharma and biotech recruitment, looking beyond the demands of the job to also find the perfect fit for the team and company culture.


Our Recruitment Process

Matchmaking Strategy

  • Job Intake – Getting to know you, so we can create the best “Matchmaking” Strategy.
  • Communication is key, define structure for updates and the Seuss+ “Top Line Report”.
  • ”Jazz-up” the job description.
  • Incorporating the Science, by using the Seuss+ “Role” specific assessment tool.
  • Attracting candidates by using video job description.

Candidate Identification

  • Sourcing candidates is an art form, the Seuss+ team is all about proactivity, we are creative hunters.
  • We pride ourselves on giving every candidate a positive experience.
  • Interviews are all about asking the right questions, we dig deep to discover and identify your best candidate.
  • You benefit from our expertise, we classify and only provide you with the best of the best, quality candidate profiles.

Client Review + Interview

  • It is your time to make your pick… determine which candidate profiles spark your interest.
  • Objective insights are critical, the Seuss+ PI Behavioral + Cognitive Assessment, allows you to compare candidates to your target role requirements and see how they match up.
  • As an additional support, the PI provides interview questions; to assist throughout the interview process.
  • The Seuss+ team is there with you every step of the way to support, so you can focus on finding the best match.

The Match is Made

  • It is important to maintain the momentum and have a strong finish.
  • The Seuss+ team will “stay on top of the end game”, to assure timely offers are sent, reference checks are completed and everyone is happy with the result.

What Others Say

“Huge thanks to Sabine and everybody on her team who worked with us on a very challenging project for their exceptional work, and excellent results! It’s been a true pleasure working with them, and I can honestly say this has been by far the best experience of cooperating with a recruitment agency we have had in the 15 years I have been in this business. The team stands way above dozens of others (both small and big) we have worked with before, and we are very impressed with their professionalism, attitude, support, and assistance they’ve been giving us along the way. We will be very happy to continue our collaboration in the future, and I will wholeheartedly recommend them to everybody who wants professionalism, personal approach, and excellent results.”

Director Training & Resourcing at CRO


“The team has successfully recruited two senior executives for our European CRO. In each case, they understood our needs perfectly and were able to identify candidates who were a good fit for our culture. After presenting us with excellent candidates, they stayed with us through the selection process, facilitating negotiations with the chosen candidates; we really felt they were part of our team.”


“We knew recruiting pharmaceutical personnel to our German office would be challenging, which is why we relied on Sabine Hutchison and her team. We were impressed with the warm and engaging yet professional way she and the team handled us as a client and communicated with the candidates. This allowed her to find the best possible candidates for the positions we needed. We are very satisfied and will certainly work again with them for future projects.”

 Chief Executive Officer at CRO

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