Personal Branding Training and Coaching

Client Challenge

A large pharmaceutical company, wanted to provide the members of its Women’s Professional Organization the opportunity to boost their personal branding and networking skills. As such, it proposed hosting an event with Women’s Professional Organization members with the goal of building confidence in interviewing and networking skills, and reached out to Seuss+ to create the content and lead the sessions.

Client’s Words

“Seuss+ partnered with us on an “Interviewing with Confidence” seminar and 1:1 coaching for our Women’s Professional Organization. Seuss+ strove to build relevant and tailored content, and attendees appreciated their dynamic speaking style and practical exercises. The event was one of the highest rated of the year. It was a pleasure working with the Seuss+ team!”

Vice President , Product Strategy

Seuss+ Approach



Seuss+ conducted an interactive workshop on personal branding, networking, and interviewing skills for ~45 members of the Pharmaceutical Women’s Professional Organization. The workshop was a mix of theory and practical exercises.


1:1 Coaching Sessions

Attendees of the training session were invited to a 1:1 coaching session to help embed skills taught during the workshop.

Our Impact

  • Equipped attendees with practical skills for personal branding, networking, and interviewing with confidence.
  • Coaching sessions highly valued as opportunities to receive tailored feedback and guidance.
  • Highest rated the Women’s Professional Organization event of the year.

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