CRO Selection for Immuno-oncology Phase IB/II Study 

Client Challenge

After experiencing unrealised expectations with a CRO, our client at a global biotechnology asked us to help him and his team to conduct a CRO market analysis and a RFP process for an Immuno-oncology clinical trial. Our evidence based decision making process allowed their team to choose a CRO whom they were finally satisfied.

Client’s Words

“Seuss+ was more than 100% engaged in setting up a very professional vendor selection process. The thorough preparation based upon a very pleasant collaborative interaction and good understanding of the clinical operational field as well as a rigid follow-up during the process resulted in a strong evidence-based decision for selecting the final vendor.”

Chief Medical Officer

Seuss+ Approach


Step 1 - Key selection criteria - desired CRO capabilities framework and clinical trial team alignment


Step 2 - CRO Global Capabilities Market Analysis


Step 3 - CRO Selection (RPF process and bid defense meetings)


Step 4 – RFP Contract Negotiation

Our Impact

  • Satisfaction improvement with the CRO selection, reversing the previous bad experience
  • Alignment of the new clinical team
  • Minimisation of scope changes due to a diligent RFP
  • Significant discount as a result of contract negotiations

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