CRO Selection for Haemophilia Gene Therapy Phase II Study 

– Client Challenge

Having a new haemophilia clinical trial outsourced is a complex process, especially with many stakeholders involved and no prior experience with CROs. Our client at a global biotechnology asked us to help him and his team identify an outsourcing model strategy, conduct a CRO market analysis and a RFP process that led to a final decision to select a partner, facilitating a data-driven decision making.

Client’s Words

“Seuss+ provided excellent and professional support during our CRO selection process. The combination of deep industry experience, operational knowledge combined with an excellent network to draw upon allowed us to make the final partner selection decision on a very strong and thoughtful decision foundation.”

Chief Medical Officer


Seuss+ Approach


Step 1 - Outsourcing model strategy and advice


Step 2 - Key selection criteria and clinical trial team alignment


Step 3 - CRO global capabilities market analysis


Step 4 - CRO selection

Our Impact

  • Team satisfaction with the CRO selected
  • Alignment of the new management team
  • Significant discount as a result of the contract negotiations
  • Comparability between budgets was created, using a standard RFP template

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