Designing a Brand to Scale Big

Client Challenge

A Dutch-based innovative online GCP training institute asked Seuss+ to shift the current mindset about GCP training through strong messaging about their unique offering and explore how to take a small company and scale the brand internationally, while keeping its heart and clearly communicating the platform intelligence.

Client’s Words

“When your company wants to be successful in the life-science industry, Seuss+ is your perfect partner. With their in-depth knowledge of the international life-science industry, they rebranded GCP Central for global expansion. In a smoothly run project, they setup and structured our marketing activities to get our message to the right target audiences. They are professionals who deliver high quality work in short time, while being fun to work with.”

Marieke Meulemans, MSc –  Founder & CEO of GCP Central

Seuss+ Approach


Phase 1 – Brand Strategy

During the brand workshop GCP Central’s USPs and vision and how to differentiate and position their platform in the international market place was defined. Their brand style, new design and empowering language were created.


Phase 2 – Design

The new brand style was embodied in the marketing materials. The new team photos were captured for the website redesign.


Phase 3 - Website Redesign & Launch

Redesigning the website for GCP Central to be more modern and user-centric, attracting and engaging B2B, B2C, investors and conference organisers.


Phase 4 – Marketing

Creating new leads and increasing brand awareness through social media and blogs. Consistently demonstrating the USPs and positioning GCP Central knowledge leader in the industry.

Our Impact

  • An all-new business strategy, B2B and B2C space, brand and positioning, and marketing that speaks to all of the target learners
  • Clear product differentiation among competition
  • Engage new customers and retain the existing community

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