Business Development Strategy

Client Challenge

As a highly-skilled, flexible and diverse specialty laboratory services company, a leading specialty supplier was looking to expand into the clinical research arena. Entry into this crowded space required the creation of focused Business Development plans, in order to gain access to new business. The company turned to Seuss+ to help them define why clients would want to work with them, and identify a list of target companies and contact details.

Client’s Words

“At the time that we, at our company, needed to carefully revise our business development strategy, we chose Seuss+ to guide us through this journey. Their approach was very straightforward and structured. They understood very well our situation and needs. They met the strict timelines and delivered a very comprehensive report with some go / no go decisions included. They are all very open and nice ladies. I loved working with them.”

Platform Leader

Seuss+ Approach


Phase 1 – Company Analysis

Identify Unique Selling Points (USP) and how to best position Pathlicon in the market- face-to-face meetings, online research, surveys, interviews, and workshop.


Phase 2 - Market Analysis

Identify potential new clients (with contact details), and map the competitive landscape.

Our Impact

  • Clear definition of USPs
  • Impactful report with clear perspective on key strategies
  • Through market research provided clear list of partners and competitors

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