Personal Branding

Take control of your personal brand


“Personal brand is what people say about you when you leave the room” – Jeff Bezos

Your personal brand is your values and the characteristics that describe who you are and guide your choices in life. Taking control of your personal brand puts you in the driver’s seat. You control the narrative and show your audience what you want them to see.


The Seuss+ Way

Our personal branding training is a full interactive day with our Seuss+ team. This includes theory, practice, implementation and mock interactions.

Knowledge Sharing

We guide you through the principles of creating a personal brand. We break down this ongoing process into digestible phases.


Let us guide you through the steps of building your brand: “Who am I and what is it that makes me different out in the world ?“ Allow your audience to find themselves in you.

Build on Strengths

We provide you with constructive feedback and helpful tips concerning how to adapt your pitch to grasp your audience’s attention and spark their interest in future discussions.

What Others Say

“In the space they operate in, the team are knowledgeable and connected. Their style is inclusive, interactive and positive. I have no doubt we will work with them in the future as our business grows. I highly recommend them.”

Chief Executive Officer at CRO


“The team strove to build relevant and tailored content, and attendees appreciated their dynamic speaking style and practical exercises. The event was one of the highest rated of the year.  It was a pleasure working with them!”

Vice President, Product Strategy at Pharmaceutical


We Help You to Scale Your Life-Science Company.

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