Our Vision

to continuously re-frame the status quo by inspiring and impacting a positive change in the future of life sciences.

Our Mission

to evolve the way the pharmaceutical, biotech, and clinical research industries work. Change life sciences, change the world.


4 Women 5 Brands:

In 2019, four female entrepreneurs reamed up to change the way their life-sciences clients tackle the challenges they face.

With five successful brands and decades between them, each of these entrepreneurs brings something different to the table.

Former chemist Sabine Hutchison and business developer Kieran Canisius have been working together for more than 15 years, founding their first start-up, Seuss Consulting, a life-sciences management consulting firm, in 2012.

Together they went on to found two more companies: Seuss Recruitment, focused on matching talented pharma executives with forward-thinking companies, and Zocket, a tech-based white label HR platform that uses advanced, holistic algorithms to pair professionals with the companies where they can do their best work and helps companies attract and retain diverse talent.

Along the way, branding specialist and iGina Marketing founder Gina Dunn joined the team, helping to re-brand and build each of the companies from scratch, now overseeing the marketing of the entire Collective.

Marieke Meulemans, founder and CEO of GCP Central, completes the quartet – her mission of helping clinical research professionals find a better, easier way to keep their training up to date trails compliant aligning perfectly with the rest of the team.

A Shared Vision:

The four entrepreneurs shared a vision, a drive to change the status quo. Their work kept bringing them together, again and again, their complementary skills enhancing each other’s companies and bringing more impact to growing life-science companies. Until they decided to make it official.
And Seuss+ was born.

“We are all passionate, and specialized in our respective pillar,” Gina explains. “We are stronger when united and can move the life-science industry forward.”

Their entrepreneurial spirit made them dreamers, but together they kept each other balanced and focused on one thing: stirring up the life-sciences industry and helping to mold the future of the field.


Shaping the Future:

Working as a collective, Seuss+ can offer you the total partner package: helping you find the right people, partners, investors, shareholders, suppliers, customers, and everything else you need to scale your company from 50 to 250+ employees, increase revenue from 5 to 50 million, drive your clinical trial from 200 to 3,000 patients, or whatever else you need to do to make your life-science venture even more successful.

We’ll use our global expertise to help you break into new markets, thrive in existing ones, or discover the uncharted – all while ensuring you understand the places where you’re conducting business or research and helping with oversight, management, branding, website design, communication, compliance, recruitment, and more.

We do it all with a smile, a genuine eagerness to connect with the people we work with, but also honesty and focus. Disruption is our middle name. After all, our ambitions are big: we want to evolve the way the pharmaceutical, biotech, and clinical research industries work. Change life sciences, change the world.

If you play a role in these dynamic industries, your work is important to the future of humanity. Meaning, the way you hire, scale, train, and communicate should look toward tomorrow as well. Working together, we want to shape where these fields are going, and put your company on the path to a brighter, greater, more human-focused future.

We Help You to Scale Your Life-Science Company.

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