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White-label HR tech that improves your talent acquisition management


Talent Attraction Starts Here

Together with our Seuss+ member company, Zocket, we offer a white-label platform that accelerates your talent recruitment strategy by bringing matchmaking technology, smart algorithms, employer branding, and talent acquisition to your company, going far beyond the old-school flat CV.

Gain a competitive advantage with one talent attraction platform integrated into your website and career page that attracts and diversifies best-fit talent with a strong external employer brand and realistic job previews. It can also be implemented as a staff retention tool to support and provide your employees professional growth within your company.

Stop trying to hire the next generation workforce using old-fashioned tools.



Core Benefits + Features


Our HR tech platform is white-labeled, fully brandable and customizable. It has a quick development phase and can be easily integrated in your own website and career page as it is an off-the-shelf platform.

Matchmaking Algorithms

The platform includes matchmaking technology and proprietary smart algorithms that not only reduces cost per hire and time to hire, but also secures a better match between candidate, position and company based on more than just skills.

Personality Testing

Personality testing is integrated in the matchmaking algorithms. This enables a better and longer-lasting relationship between employee and company, because candidates are not only “matched” to positions based on skills, but also personality. 

Employer Branding

The platform enables a stronger + authentic employer brand with a PR value for recruiting staff, technology integration, and diversity initiatives. It offers your candidates an authentic window inside your company and team dynamics, ultimately attracting more candidates to your company.

Candidate Experience

It focuses on candidate experience and offers a user friendly interface. The 1-click application speeds up the application process and makes sure no candidates are dropping out in between. Also, the built-in chat function enables quick and easy communication.

Department Profiles

To ensure the best fit between candidate + company, candidates need to know what they are getting into. On our platform, each department can be showcased with images, videos, inside stories, delivering an all-around picture and experience to the candidate.

Internal Mobility

The transparency of departments, open positions and locations facilitates internal mobility of employees more easily. Due to this empowerment, your retention rate increases whereas lowering your turnover costs.

Reduced Hiring Biases

Our HR tech platform is all about attracting and retaining the best-fit employee. To limit hiring decisions that are based on unconscious biases, the platform facilitates a blind application process with blind CV screening.


It is an off-the-shelf platform that is fully customizable to your unique organizational needs. For example, you want to include continuous learning or GCP training in it? No Problem. Any other features? Let’s talk to our developers.

What Others Say

“Working together was a very rewarding experience. Everything the guys at Zocket  touched turned to gold! They could see some of our challenges even before we realized they existed, the data they provided was clear, concise, and very helpful. And for fear of repeating ourselves – we really enjoyed working together. Zocket took into account our wishes and needs throughout the project and easily accommodated their solutions to our expectations.”

“There was so much energy, humor, positive effort, that throughout the project the atmosphere was charged with excitement and even some of the disappointing facts we learned about ourselves were not painful to hear from such a great team. Especially since for every issue Zocket provided a clear and well-thought-out solution.”

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