Market Mapping

Benchmarked candidates get you the best fit possible


How Our Valuable Market Mapping Can Benefit You

Your recruitment needs are individual to your business. At Seuss+, we pride ourselves on making matches that make a difference. It’s our years of experience in market mapping that allows us to work with such accuracy and insight. We share our wealth of knowledge to give our clients valuable awareness to aid hiring decisions.


Our Expertise to Help You Grow

Market Insights

How big is the candidate pool and how it is made up? Insights include demographics, candidate behaviours, professional experience and market shifts which allow flexible knowledge to expand and attract the right candidates for each specific organization.

Benchmark Profiles

We develop benchmark profiles specific to your organizational needs, making sure that you are only considering the right-match candidates.

Industry Trends

With years of insight into the changing industry challenges and opportunities, we help organizations to focus their growth strategy and be more client-centric.

Market Feedback

Attracting the right candidates is the key to a perfect synergy, but how do professionals look at your company? In-depth competitor analysis and expertise in candidate experience, allows us to unlock a future of business possibilities for both candidate and client.

What Others Say

“Working with Seuss+ was an excellent experience. It all started with one call, one regular day, with an opportunity. I was not searching for a job, but was open to new challenges. It was unexpected, but I was ready for it. It was a joyful and exciting process even though there were some tough times, and every challenge gives its learnings after it has been mitigated. Yet, throughout the whole process I was fully supported by the team and felt very comfortable. My gratitude to them.”

Supply Chain Manager at Pharmaceutical

We Help You to Scale Your Life-Science Company.

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