Leadership Development Workshop 

Implement succession planning and empower your team by unleashing the leaders within


Unleashing Leaders

Our Leadership Development Workshop is a program for individuals who are ready to make the transition from Management to Leadership by unlocking their full potential.

Delivered as a one-day workshop with a focus on personal growth, we provide the tools and training to encourage employees to step out, be confident, and lead.

Especially in life sciences, there’s value in emboldening leaders who will bring a perspective that values not only competition, but also collaboration within the organization, as well as trust, respect, and steady decision-making skills.


What is the Content of the Workshop?

Our workshops are practical sessions that empower employees across your organization with tools, strategies and networking tips to ensure advancement in executive roles. The content is tailored to what your team needs – we develop topics that fit your company’s individual situation, including:

Personal Brand

We help you build your own brand in order to move up the career ladder. Typically, this involves exploring your personal pitch, online and offline presence, storytelling and more.


Assess the value of your personal network and learn how to leverage it for strategic success – empowering you to plant seeds which will lead to flourishing relationships.


Interview with confidence! This is an interactive learning session offering participants constructive guidance along with a podium to share experiences, advice and insights.

Leadership Roles

This is all about how to pave your way to leadership roles, what is suitable for you and what strategic steps need to be taken to get you where you want to be.

Progress Monitoring

This is dedicated to empower progress and drive results. We provide online assessments and offer follow-up individual sessions. 

What Others Say

“The team partnered with us on an “Interviewing with Confidence” seminar and 1:1 coaching for our Women’s Professional Organization. They strove to build relevant and tailored content, and attendees appreciated their dynamic speaking style and practical exercises. The event was one of the highest rated of the year. It was a pleasure working with the team!”

Vice President of Product Strategy at Pharmaceutical


“We met at a conference and from that initial meeting the relationship has grown to include both recruitment and training. In the space they operate in, the team are knowledgeable and connected. Their style is inclusive, interactive and positive. I have no doubt we will work with them in the future as our business grows. I highly recommend them.”

Chief Executive Officer at CRO


“Sabine is a very talented and result driven professional with a high level of energy and enthusiasm. She has a natural talent to motivate others; people managed by her will perform to their maximum and enjoy the work they do. When given a true Challenge, Sabine preforms outstanding. I have worked with her in Germany where she professionalized the Clinical Staffing department. I was impressed by Sabine’s people management skills and the way she developed the department. I loved working with Sabine, she is a very valuable person to any lucky organisation that employs her.”

Chief Operating Officer at Specialty Supplier


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