Governance + Oversight

Reframing clinical trial and supplier governance 


Take Control of Your Clinical Trial Success

Sponsors must provide leadership and direction to all suppliers involved in the clinical trial or program.

At Seuss+, we believe that governance and oversight in clinical trials is about identifying risks, creating a common culture and goal, regardless of the company or position in the team, escalating issues and cascading decisions.

We help you to create and implement a sponsor-led governance and oversight program that allows you to do just that.



How We Support Governance + Oversight Needs

Patient,Site +    Supplier Journey  Roadmaps

Identify the journey roadmaps each critical stakeholder will travel to drive the success of your clinical trial.

Governance + Oversight Toolkit

Ensure you have the tools your team needs to run an effective governance and oversight process.

Oversight Systems

Implement an oversight platform to ensure continuous trial and supplier oversight process effectiveness, while remaining ICH GCP E6 R2 compliant.

Governance Design + Planning 

Create a governance framework template for your clinical trials to enhance oversight and drive value from your suppliers.

Governance Execution

Experts from our team participate to predict and manage issues with defined escalation paths, while ensuring the sponsor and supplier work from the same, accurate information and achieve the predefined milestones.

What Others Say

″The team takes a thorough and structured approach to the challenging and often complex process of CRO partner selection. The journey they take you through is comprehensive, creative and robust, ensuring you get the most out of the whole team’s contributions and take a complete 360 view of your partner needs, challenging and injecting fun at every step. This organised, dedicated and enthusiastic team go the extra mile to guide you to a final highly data driven decision, which meets your business needs and serves as a strong basis for the conduct and delivery of outsourced trials.″

Vice President of Clinical Development at Drug Co-Development Company


″The team provided excellent and professional support during our vendor selection process. The combination of deep industry experience, operational knowledge combined with an excellent network to draw upon allowed us to make the final vendor selection decision on a very strong and thoughtful decision foundation.″

Chief Medical Officer at Biotechnology Company


″The team was more than 100% engaged in setting up a very professional vendor selection process. The thorough preparation based upon a very pleasant collaborative interaction and good understanding of the clinical operational field as well as a rigid follow-up during the process resulted in a strong evidence-based decision for selecting
the final vendor.″

 Chief Medical Officer at Biotechnology Company


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